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Lightning vs midges...

Anti-Midge Tesla Coil
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The laser idea reminded me of some idle thinking that took place is Finland - perhaps the most mosquito infested place I've ever visited! Large areas of marsh and 8 million reindeer to nourish the little blighters...

Rant over – time for the idea:

Essentially omnidirectional mosquito killing doom in the form of a Tesla coil. Either placed where they are likely to be and simply turned on periodically or triggered by the buzz, or perhaps, a bit of both.

Lasers were considered, but I like my eyes. Partly because of the difficulty involved in growing new ones. A window covering high voltage mesh was also considered. Being both reasonably safe and perhaps effective and achievable, the idea was snuffled to allow the continued look for a more spectacular and violent solution. A window is only 2D. Tesla coils have nice long jagged sparks that are very 3D.

In order to more fully expand the idea beyond simply having a Tesla coil, some other useful aspects should also be mentioned. Mosquito's are mostly found on holiday, leading naturally to a compact unit, supplied in a case with a selection of power adapters. Obviously it's a good idea not to get zapped yourself, so a PIR detector shuts down the unit if it detects anything sizeable moving. An inferred remote control is also included to allow a safe distance between the user and the device of doom.

It is assumed that any mosquito foolish enough to fly near the electrode would provide a slightly better electrical path then air and so unwittingly end up being part of an arc. Thus targeting is not required. Doom is self-induced.

It should be advised that such a machine should only be operated in a ventilated space to avoid ozone build up. It should not be used near electrical equipment, pets, family heirlooms, or on top of mountains in thunderstorms.

A deluxe version doubles as a bed side lamp and includes a small fan and carbon filter to deal with burnt smells and ozone. While the safari equipment version includes rechargeable batteries, a low power lamp to attract moths (sometimes they need killing too) and a 12V lead to charge it off the land rover.

saedi, May 13 2010

and for your continued HV zapping pleasure... Van_20de_20Graaff_20Bugzapper
[FlyingToaster, May 13 2010]


       It's about time lightning zapped some midgets - tis not fair being tall and having and having the higher chance of being struck. Equality is what we need!
saedi, May 13 2010

       "EXTERMINATE !"   

8th of 7, May 13 2010

       //should not be used near...// bbq grills also belong on that list, unless you like steaks seasoned with a layer of crispy-fried skeeter parts.
lurch, May 13 2010

       //Mosquito's are mostly found on holiday//   

       We should just not renew their passports. Problem solved.   

       // An inferred remote control //   

       Well it was implied.
marklar, May 15 2010


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