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Laser Goal Verification

Is there anything lasers can't be used for nowadays?
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I, like many people, have been watching the World Cup. And that save by *insert correct golakeeper* of *insert correct nation* that was (arguably) just on the line was certainly dubious.

So why not put a laser net over the goal to check whether or not the ball did cross that line? We'd have to coat the ball (or goalkeeper) in something so as to distinguish the two, but as I don't what to use for such a problem, I shall now open up the floor... (1)

*We could also do something along the same lines as how a smoke alarm works -- using radiation -- but that may be considerably more dangerous.

[EDIT]: (1): Not literally. Pedants.

NickTheGreat, Jun 03 2002

other tech options for pinpoint ball location accuracy. http://www.halfbake...ea/Offside_20camera
(shameless self-promotion, of course) [sappho, Jun 05 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Referees and aids for them http://www.le.ac.uk...01/01article10.html
See second-last paragraph for discussion of goal-line systems. I can't find a better link despite much searching. [pottedstu, Jun 05 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       <troll>But if they had this in 1966, England would never have won the world cup!</troll>
pottedstu, Jun 03 2002

       ........and could it pinpoint any interference from Supreme Beings?
po, Jun 03 2002

       Given another few months' research, yes.
NickTheGreat, Jun 03 2002

       Why not get Adidas or who ever makes the balls to sew in RFID tags between the bladder and the skin. These are the things which are applied to high end consumer goods and are meant to stop shoplifters. The metal stand thing at the shop doorway could be the goal post. As the ball crosses the line and triggers the device lights flash and sirens wail. Seems pretty easy to me. A pastry is making a run down the left wing towards you.
chronic irony, Jun 05 2002

       reason enough [phoenix]. I'll vote for this (though I've a nagging feeling we've done this before)
mcscotland, Jun 05 2002

       There is work being done using radio to detect if the ball has crossed the goal-line. Using a transmitter in the ball is more accurate than using a laser: the ball may be underneath the goalkeeper or in his hands. However such technology will cost millions to install. (See link).
pottedstu, Jun 05 2002

       Not if we steal the gear and get a bunch of immigrants to install it for pittance.
NickTheGreat, Jun 05 2002

       <troll>Ssh, pottedstu. Ixnay on the ineteensixtysixnay. It's not like we're not going to hear them bleating on about it incessantly for the next few weeks. If you must mention it, perhaps you could refer to it as the year before Scotland beat England 3-2, no?</troll>
Guy Fox, Jun 05 2002

       Here's a question I always forget to ask people (except this time..)... what does the 'ixnay on the ??nay'.. or whatever.. actually mean?
NickTheGreat, Jun 05 2002

       backslang, Nick. Ix(nay) nay = N add it to ix > Nix   

       cotland(say) say = S add it to cotland > Scotland.
po, Jun 05 2002

       It was the year after [Guy Fox]. That's why we're the real world champions...
mcscotland, Jun 06 2002

       //why not put a laser net over the goal//

Because any player who stumbles into it would be in danger of getting their retinas burnt out.
DrBob, Jun 06 2002

       DrBob inspires me: you could mount pins all round the inside of the goal mouth, so that if the ball crosses over, it is punctured, thus making impacts easy to detect.
pottedstu, Jun 06 2002

       //backslang, Nick. Ix(nay) nay = N add it to ix > Nix //   

       I'm confused.   

       //cotland(say) say = S add it to cotland > Scotland.//   

       I'm still confused.   

       //Because any player who stumbles into it would be in danger of getting their retinas burnt out.//   

       We could use a Class 2 laser, which doesn't actually cause damage to the retina so far as I'm aware
NickTheGreat, Jun 06 2002

       Nick: You drop the first letter from a word like 'Scotland' to get 'cotland' and just add it on at the end ('cotlands') with an extra 'ay' after it ('cotlandsay'). The conventional signal for this joke 'ecretsay anguagelay', which *obviously* nobody could *possibly* understand, is to start with "Ixnay on the..." - ie. "Nix on the..." from the word 'nix' meaning to cancel or reject (according to my dictionary; I'm sure there's a better definition of the verb 'to nix' - to drop, to dump, to deep six?). Basically: "For the love of God, don't mention the word..."   

       Anyhoo, thats' backslang.
Guy Fox, Jun 06 2002

       backslang/pig latin whats the diff?
barnzenen, Jun 06 2002

       'Warning: Do not look into laser with remaining eye.'   

       Doesn't the ball have to go into the goal sans goalie to score?
StarChaser, Jun 07 2002

       [Guy Fox]: So what exactly does it *mean* then? You're saying 'Ixnay on the cotlandsay' means 'cancel Scotland'? Or 'drop the Scotland'? Ah, I see now. I think. Ixnay on the ackslangbay.
NickTheGreat, Jun 16 2002

       Not to rain on your idea or anything, but the point of that would be...? I'm sure it would make it easier to ascertain whether or not the ball has crossed the line, but if the ball was to come too close, it may simply topple over the edge. It might not be favoured amongst goalies, either.
NickTheGreat, Jun 17 2002

       The trouble if all your of your ideas is that the ball has to completely cross the line for it to count. So if it blocked a laser etc, it may only be half over, and therefore not a goal.   

       Pottedstu - England would have won, it was 4-2, not 3-2. Do some research.
chard, Aug 02 2002

       If it is still blocking a laser it is probably still half over. besides, if the ball is going so slow that it could roll to a stop halfway across the goal line and the goalie still diddn't get to it he doesn't deserve the save
BikBear, May 08 2004


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