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Laser pointing mobile

a laser pointer integrated with a mobile phone
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seems to obvious not to have been done already but - the number of times I have been in a presentation meeting with no laser pointer but have my mobile phone.... so instead of relying on the mouse to run all over the screen which is awkward with touch pad navigation, the phones already off as is customary in meeting mode, why not let it have a laser pointer included in standby mode, so I can properly present?

Either that or I get organised and buy some batteries for my laser pointer. But why does it have to be a stand alone thing, in today's forever integrating gadget world? Maybe there are alot of people who would like a laser pointer integrated with something else eg. hairdryer?

Just imagine how fuynny it would be walking thru the mall with all the kids making that forever funny joke of opinting laser pointers at unsuspecting persons. Would also help when you are confronted by a mugger, 'my sniper dog has you in his sights'.

williamsmatt, Nov 10 2008

Bluetooth headset with laser pointer http://asia.cnet.co...ckin-laser-pointer/
[jutta, Nov 10 2008]

Halfbakery: Cellphone flashlight Cellphone_20flashlight
prior art - mentions having a built-in laser pointer in last sentence of idea [jutta, Nov 10 2008]

Sonim LM801 http://www.engadget...obably-outlast-you/
this mobile phone includes flashlight, laser pointer, magnetic compass, barometer / altimeter, FM radio, and thermometer, all bundled neatly into a yellow shell that repels all the water and dust. [xaviergisz, Nov 11 2008]




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