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iPhone / phone camera mirror

For phones with a camera on the back to see frontwards.
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If there was an attachment or special case for the iPhone, or any phone for that matter that has a camera on the side opposite the screen, that would have a pair of mirrors reflecting the view of the camera around to the front of the phone, then a user would be able to look at the screen while also having the camera look at him.

All it would need it two small mirrors and a way to securely attach them to the back of the phone.

This would be useful for video chatting/conferencing, or even just taking pictures of oneself. Of course, video chatting software would have to be written for the phone, which it probably wouldn't have been without such an attachment.

bondiblueos9, Mar 10 2009

DIY video conferencing http://www.engadget...veloped-for-iphone/
These guys won an award for this + software [leinypoo13, Mar 11 2009]


       This is a complicated solution to a problem that has already been solved. For example, my Nokia 6120 has two inbuilt cameras: one camera on the back to take high resolution photos, and another on the front for video phone calls.
xaviergisz, Mar 10 2009

       My camera (Samsung Alias) has a small screen on the side with the lens that shows a mini-view of what's being recorded so you can align it as you're snapping a photo of yourself.
paix120, Mar 11 2009

       iPeriscope [+]
coprocephalous, Mar 11 2009

       I realize that some phones already have two cameras, or have two screens, or have a camera or screen that can rotate, but mirror attachment would be to augment a phone which only has one camera and one screen opposite each other. Its a way to add on to an existing phone, not a suggestion of how to remedy the problem in future phones (or phones which already don't have the problem).
bondiblueos9, Mar 11 2009

       Don't listen to [21], bondi. Negative votes mean we don't like you, and it's better if you just leave now and take the food you brought with you. We won't be needing it. If you forget anything we'll mail it to you. As for the idea, what [copro] said. Consider adopting his Title. +
daseva, Mar 11 2009


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