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key chain clip cell antenna

key chain clip cell antenna
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key chain clip cell antenna will replace your current antenna on your cell phone, not available for all phones. And will have a clip,(like those found on key chains), so you can clip your cellphone to your pants belt loops. Freeing your pockets, or allowing to remove a bulky phone from pocket
romanmar, Dec 14 2005


       Plenty of phones come with clips, and you can buy keychain/clip combos intended for cell phones. I am pondering the use of the antenna - what is the advantage of that?
DrCurry, Dec 14 2005

       My cell does not have an antenna like many of the newer phones, but it might help people who have phones with antennas. Half bun.
DVineMissEva, Dec 16 2005

       Cell phones are very useful to the criminal element for many reasons. They are also status symbols. Placing these outside of one's pockets is a gross display of wealth that may attract criminals. Just get bigger pockets.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 12 2008


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