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iPhone Flashgun

Flashgun attaches to iPhone and is triggered by a signal from the display.
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The iPhone has a camera but no flash for dark situations. What it does have is a very responsive display. Suppose you could program a corner of the display to go all white at the instant that the "shutter" opens. A small flash gun could be designed that clamps onto a corner of the iPhone. It would have a sensor that overlaps the corner of the screen. When the corner goes all white the sensor responds and triggers the flash.

The flash gun could just clamp on to a corner or it could be built into a protective case.

The idea could work with other smart phones besides the iPhone.

toolhacker, Jan 20 2010


       Other smart phones besides the iPhone tend to have a decent camera...
Jinbish, Jan 20 2010

       Thought this would turn an IPhone into a Blue Beetle Flash Gun ...
Aristotle, Jan 20 2010

       Perhaps you could devise some sort of camera periscope, and then use the whole display backlight as the camera flash.   

       <smugly carries on taking photos with xenon flash-equipped smartphone>
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 20 2010


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