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Lasers reshape the body during sleep

Lasers activate photoactivateable growth hormones as well as osteopatterning chemicals to create the desired appearance
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Use laser activated growth hormones, collagen promoters as well as osteoclastic, osteoblastic drugs to edit the human body as it grows. Lasers photoactivate molecules wherever the laser shines, often confocally at depth. While the person sleeps the laser traces out the dose locations as well as forms, the persons body is thus software guided to the persons preference.

This certainly is most effective with kids, yet it seems reasonable to give kids the opportunity to decide what they will look like. Along with the general population benefits comes the opportunity to try things like the area application of photonic pharmacology to cardioarea body fat reducing disease. Noting that everything from human growth hormone to invisalign is considered potentially beneficial to developing kids Laser guided beautification of people is appreciated. On the way there are current laser beauty treatments computer controlled to work on sleeping faces.

Now some of you will say, look people are just going to genetically engineer their kids to be kind happy intelligent attractive people. This provides the less genetically engineered an opportunity to attain social benefits as well.

The Journal of Photochemistry B Biology has a wide range of articles on photocatalytic developmental molecules. This idea is about using them on regular people during sleep using lasers to provide personal benefit.

beanangel, Dec 09 2011

Journal of photochemistry B biology http://www.scienced...ce/journal/10111344
[beanangel, Dec 09 2011]


       Can we do this with dark lasers? I find it difficult to sleep in a lit room.
normzone, Dec 09 2011

       It is so rare that I scoff at an idea for pure magic, but these laser activated hormones are just magic. I will not give a bone because I appreciate the scifi TV movie value of having a therapeutic laser light show resculpt the body of the heroine into something completely different.
bungston, Dec 10 2011

       ...This is actually a rather intriguing idea, once you get past the drivel.   

       Essentially: In order to solve the problem of distributing drugs to one specific location that may not be readily chemically distinguishable from stuff you don't want medicated, distribute drugs throughout the whole body and activate it by laser.   

       However, the method by which these hormones are made laser-activated (or indeed activated by any other focussable mechanism) needs to be further elaborated on. The particular application being proposed is interesting, but keep in mind that hormones are not magic!   

       <jocular>Presumably the process making these hormones laser-activatable will involve some particularly hairy organometallohalogen reaction catalyzed by vaginas published in an obscure Somalian journal. </jocular>
Hive_Mind, Dec 10 2011


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