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Micro trepanning

Fashion item and enlightenment in one.
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In addition to tattoos and piercings, people also put objects under the skin to make themselves more beautifull and or interesting.

You can get it done by people who also do piercings. It is a simple procedure. Local painkiller, a small incision and anything can be shoved in there.

In this way I propose micro trepanning. Tiny holes.

You can have tiny holes drilled into your skull to be filled with for instance glass fiber or gold or platinum. The skin can grow back over the hole or you can leave them sticking out a bit or even longer. Make yourself look like Pinhead or have waves of glassfiber sticking out of your skull.

This would have all the benefits of trepanning and would look cool.

Simple attachments allready exist that can be put on drills to ensure you do not drill to deep. I do not think it would be neccesary to actually drill through exactly the thikness of the skull, stopping at the protective layer underneath (sorry do not know the name for that in english), rather I propose to go so deep as to leave a couple of milimeters of skull intact.

X-ray pictures would provide data about the thickness of your skull.

People who do this could form a worldwide community and have a website to share experiences. They could have parties, yeah !

Holes could be drilled in any pattern like a pentagram or a picture of something important to you. You could have many holes or just a few.

If this existed I would do it, not in a way that it could be seen. I would opt for glassfiber under the skin.

I just love the idea of trepanning, they even did it in prehistory !

I will add a link.

zeno, Jan 11 2009

wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trepanation
[zeno, Jan 11 2009]

Short film, introduction http://www.metacafe...entary_dvd_trailer/
[zeno, Jan 11 2009]


       The difficulty comes with piercings which start beneath the skin and extend outside it. Most mods are either piercings through two layers of skin (as in ears, lips, noses, belly buttons, nipples,; also dermal tunnels including corset-rings etc), or are sub-dermal implants to produce decorative bumps and ridges underneath the skin.   

       What you're talking about is a dermal anchor (or, in this case, a cranial anchor), which has one end embedded in the body, and the other emerging through the skin. This sort of thing is much trickier because, even after healing, you no longer have a continuous barrier of skin between your inside and your outside. Such mods are therefore at much greater risk of infection.   

       It's not impossible, and is even done for medical purposes to stabilize bones (fixators) for reasonable lengths of time. But I'm not sure it would be a good idea to do it near the brain: infections in the brain are a bugger to treat and can be permanently fatal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 11 2009

       Wow you where fast MaxwellBuchanan, I added something in the meantime.
zeno, Jan 11 2009

       //permanently fatal// <pedant> As opposed to temporarily fatal? </pedant>
csea, Jan 11 2009

       //a small incision and anything can be shoved in there.//   


       "This would have all the benefits of trepanning and would look cool."
I'm under the impression the purpose of trapanning is to allow the brain to swell, among other boojum. If you're stuffing things in the hole(s), that's not going to happen.

       Also, if you're just looking for stuff to poke out the scalp, why drill holes through the skull at all? Why not just superglue the items in place? It seems a lot safer than letting the guy from down the street go poking around your noggin with tools he promises are clean.
phoenix, Jan 11 2009

       When some one gave you a vigors pat on the head. A lil lobotomy would result. And if crash helmets are required by law, there would need exceptions for your group. I imagine wearing a helmet would be more a danger than not!   

       Go for it!   

       *I edited hermits to helmets
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 11 2009

       If you are going to trepan-- you have to go through the skull! Why stop halfway?   

       I like the idea of glass fibers. The brain may operate better with a little natural light.   

       Alternatively, glass portholes would be cool as well, so people can see that you are thinking, not just browsing the web.
mylodon, Jan 12 2009

       //The skin can grow back over the hole or you can leave them sticking out a bit or even longer.//   

       It's remarkably easy to put a screw into the outer table of the skull (i.e. only part way through), and leave it sticking out through the scalp. The problem is, it's impossible to keep skin sterile, so after a few days, these things always start oozing pus. If you're scrupulous about cleaning them regularly with peroxide and iodine, you can keep them intact for months, but if you left one in for years, you'd run a big risk of osteomyelitis (bone infection), which is Very Bad, especially, as [MaxwellBuchanan] pointed out, in this location.   

       Keeping the implant entirely under the skin, only visible on Xray -- now, there's an idea I can bun. There are metal plates made for covering holes in the skull which are actually rather attractive: kind of lacy and delicate. I rather like the idea of "secret" jewelry. (Reminds me of a friend who bought a pair of rings with diamonds set flush on the *inside* so only he & his wife knew they were there.)
mouseposture, Jan 12 2009

       Secret jewelry, yep.   

       Purpose of trepanning: people with depression and many other emotional problems and or psychological disorders complain of a feeling like the head will explode. Trepanning is supposed to take away that feeling. Also to let out demons.   

       Also it is believed that a hole in the head helps the brain gets more blood and then you get high and get a better brain function.   

       I personally believe the brain can interact better with the environment with a hole in the head. It's like having your chakra opened only permanently. That's why I propose to fill the hole with stuff. Glassfiber for light and happiness. Platinum for cold reasoning skills.   

       I don't see the problem with these infections. All sorts of piercings don't give problems. There's people with bones through their noses and that's not the weirdest. Why would there be a problem on the skull? Is it because something is sticking out? But what about earrings?
zeno, Jan 12 2009

       hmmmm, fibreoptic heads up display.   

       //I don't see the problem with these infections. All sorts of piercings don't give problems. //   

       Zeno, you have failed to grasp the topology of the situation, and I gently refer you to the first and second paragraphs of the first annotation of my esteemed colleague, Maxwell Buchanan.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2009

       Yes, thank you, those paragraphs actually do explain it, I should have read them better.
zeno, Jan 13 2009

       <oblig>People need trepanning like a hole in the head.</oblig>
zen_tom, Jan 13 2009

       + (and a possible wifi connection...)
xandram, Jan 13 2009

       Ideally, to avoid uncomfortable drilling sensations, this procedure would be performed on newborn children, while they have fontanelles - an implant that consisted of a 'plugged' mounting socket could be floated in one of the gaps, and the ossifying bones allowed to fuse around it - then, at some later age, it would be a trivial process to simply peel back the scalp to reveal the port (now firmly seated between the various head-bones) unscrew the plug and attach (via the standardised screw, or bayonet style mount) whatever lifestyle accessory, sexual aid, or reinvented "spiritual" bollocks was in fashion at the time; Unicorn horns, dealy Boppers, aerials, head-tits, suspension hooks, unicycle wheels, pets, other people's heads (using the appropriate adaptor/s), roof-racks, umbrellas, telescopes, non-virtual head-up display units, tribal totem poles, flags, sex-flaps (for that really intimate feeling of having someone else nobbing you in the head - "oh man, it's like nothing else - you've got to try it"), weapon turrets (also implementable in cattle, causing great controversy and eventually leading to the Rambling Riots of 2089), mystical dream-catflaps, cosmic pyramids, beer pumps, and pain caps (initially another sexual stimulation aid lauded by the liberated youth, later made mandatory by the World Government and utilised to maintain total control of the population by 2132)
zen_tom, Jan 14 2009

       marked-for-tagline :   

       " This would have all the benefits of trepanning "
normzone, Jan 14 2009

       What if the holes had little cameras in them? Then you really would have eyes in the back of your head.
Spacecoyote, Jan 14 2009

       \\ head-tits \\   

       heh, ... hehe.... haha! Gatta laugh at that. That is funny. LOL
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 15 2009

       //via the standardised screw, or bayonet style mount// - the first rule of any exciting innovation is that two incompatible standards are developed.
hippo, Jan 15 2009

       Developing two incompatible standards from the outset is a must - how else are you going to cream off the royalties from all those third-party adaptor and add-on licences you're going to franchise?
zen_tom, Jan 15 2009


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