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Lowrider Destruction Derby

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Lowriders are cars with hydraulics in them. Apart from getting them listed as "unsafe", they do things such as make the car "hop" by rigging the suspension, or even open up the chassis "like a Transformer" (as quoted in FHM).

The title is obvious. Have a destruction derby full of lowriders hopping around and lifting panels trying to destroy each other.

If you also somehow remove the driver (or use one with a death wish), you could have cars that open up to reveal machine guns and rocket launchers or retractable chainsaws and spring loaded jousting sticks for even more mayhem. Perhaps strap some JATO rockets too.

Just like that old cartoon show M.A.S.K.

mrkillboy, Jun 28 2001

(?) M.A.S.K. http://www.yesterda...saturday/sa1250.php
The cartoon didn't really set itself apart but it had the coolest toys ever! [mrkillboy, Jun 28 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Get rid of the rockets and crap and you might be on to something. Spinning Chains, Tire Irons, Knives, etc. - things which would be used in a gunless streetfight would be more appropriate. At least that's what was in Every Lowrider I was ever in.
thumbwax, Jun 28 2001

       Good - someone has thought of something similar to my wish of having robot wars meet scrapheap chalange... The rockets would probably be a bad idea - you dont want it to end to quickly...
RobertKidney, Jun 28 2001

       Don't forget some course obstacles: rival gang members, cops, and the ever-so-deadly speed bump.
AfroAssault, Oct 16 2001

       I've had an idea floating in my head for a while that a beauty pageant parade float demolition derby would be great. I'd love to see that on a background TV in a movie.
slightly, Mar 06 2003

       Have some sort of scoop attached to the front so you can get it under another car and then hop your car to flip the the scooped car.
Gulherme, Mar 06 2003

       synchronise the hydraulics so you can hop over or crush the other cars   

       lowrider beauty pageant floats
chud, Jul 10 2003


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