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Lively Obituary

Put the Fun in Funerals
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Instead of dull Obits, why not liven 'em up a bit. Tell stories, quotes, gags, whatever. In U.S. Newspapers, the obits say s(he) is survived by_, and was a member of_, dull,dull,dull.
thumbwax, Mar 15 2001

Here's a recent one that is definitely not dull http://www.dailytel...=/01/3/12/db03.html
The obituary of Pamela Nelson-Edwards though the bits about her father are more interesting [Gordon Comstock, Mar 15 2001]


       The New York Times obituaries are not dull. (Either that, or I just told you just how dull the rest of my life is.)
jutta, Mar 15 2001

       The Economist's obituaries are always very interesting. Always about someone I've never heard of, but always very interesting.
hippo, Mar 15 2001

       Maybe they're like that in the US but in the UK they are fascinating reading. The best bit is discerning the hidden meanings There are many coded phrases, for instance: "he lived life to the full" means he was a drunk, "didn't suffer fools gladly" means cantankerous old git.   

       In a recent Daily Telegraph obit I came across this wonderful sentence: "As a decision-maker he preferred to rely more on robust instinct than on complex analysis."
Gordon Comstock, Mar 15 2001

       Reading obituries it always amazes me how everybody dies in alphabetical order.
Gazfaz, Mar 27 2001

       "He never married" = gay; "Larger than life" = clinically obese; "Mysterious" =hated journalists,etc
EdH, Nov 01 2001

       How about an obit that reads:   

       Jane N. Doe did not pass away yesterday at her home. No funeral arrangements have been made. In lieu of flowers please send cash or check contributions to the undeceased in care of:   

       Jane N. Doe Bank of America Acct # 4476859521-253
Ala, Jan 14 2002


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