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Dad Channels

TV Stations broadcast for AV equipment practice
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Two TV stations broadcast on a couple of the spare freeview/sky/whatever channels. Each would broadcast a 'random' mix of five and ten minute programmes to learn about and test the function of modern hard disk/DVD recorders. The 'programmes' would just be yellow or red or grren or something, so one could be distinguished from others.

This will provide cast-iron answers to the questions 'so, what'll it do if I try to record one thing in the middle of another?' and 'can I set it to record two things at once?' withouty one having to scan the airwaves for programmes that are about to start/finish before/after/between one another.

theNakedApiarist, Dec 11 2007


       Domestic AV kit is a total nightmare. I make a living doing sound and video professionally and I'd still watch this.   

       How does scart switching work anyway? And how do I disable it? Why do some devices only loop through composite and not Y/C? What the hell are all those hundreds of little symbols on the remote?   

       Confused of London.
wagster, Dec 11 2007

       Pastry. As far as content, the test channels could also broadcast color test patterns in various aspect ratios and broadcast formats (NTSC/PAL, EDTV(720i,720p), HDTV(1080i,1080p). Every so often, an audio frequency sweep from 0-24 khZ could be output in one channel of various audio encodings (mono, stereo, dolby pro-logic I, II).   

       It is easy to tune your home theater system with a test DVD, only to find it looks or sounds awful when you play things off the television receiver or DVR.
ed, Dec 11 2007

       Right with you there. When we only had two channels, BBC1 and BBC2, we would get a test pattern for at least eight hours a night. Now we've got hundreds of channels and not a single calibration tool.   

       Then again, some channels don't seem to understand much about picture line-up at source, or audio line-up for that matter.   

       And another thing - <rant, rant, grumble, moan, kids these days, etc>
wagster, Dec 11 2007

       what's DAD short for?
po, Dec 11 2007

       Dull As Ditchwater
wagster, Dec 11 2007

       Dad is not an acronym. Dad is just your dad, who wants to know all the features but can neither understand nor remember what he's already discovered.   

       I am a Dad now. I will be a Dad twice over come the spring. Aren't these five p pieces little! Where are my keys? Have I had my dinner yet?
theNakedApiarist, Dec 11 2007

       //what's DAD short for?//
Because he stopped growing when he was 5 foot 2.
(Sorry, couldn't resist...)

       As for the idea, outstanding! [+]
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 12 2007

       [theN...] I knew that but tell me, is it your opinion that MUMs are just toooo clever to ever need this advice?
po, Dec 12 2007

       My mum is not interested in learning how it works.
theNakedApiarist, Dec 12 2007


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