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Lego Play House

Like several other ideas, only different
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Taking dlapham's idea (and evil dave's) set me thinking. While this might be very difficult to achieve for an actual house, it seems to me it would be very easy to achieve for a garden play house for my kids. I have looked at wooden play houses (£400-1000 depending on size) and at wooden forts/castles (£1600!) and also thought of building one myself (I reckon materials will cost me around £250-300 anyway).
Seems to me that a Lego version, made of big bricks (may be plastic, may be laminated chipboard or MDF?) would do two things:
a) Potentially make it cheaper (than the £1600 anyway!)
b) Make it easy to change - which would be great for kids. This week it's an igloo, next week it's a castle (just buy a complement of the additional battlement pieces, etc.)
c) Make it easy to add on in the future - start with a small fort and end up with a replica of Windsor Castle, or build a Pirate ship!

This would open up more possibilities of large size lego - like a large size Lego train track you could lay out in the garden, or build lifesize play cars, ships etc.
goff, Jul 21 2004

Lego House http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Lego_20House
dlapham's idea [goff, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Large Bricks http://www.halfbake...Big_20Lego_20Blocks
Similar, but not the same [goff, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Sue your parents http://twotrees.www.../history/03/04.html
"A Virginia boy who sawed off his hand while earning $4 an hour sued his parents for $2 million for letting him use a circular saw." [angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sue your parents again http://www.praxagor...ierra/flum/9209.htm
"An 11-year old boy in Warren, Michigan, who had been bitten on the face by the family dog, sued his parents for $10,000 in damages, claiming the parents were negligent in the attack." [angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I Like this idea.. +
dlapham, Jul 21 2004

       Absolutely no reason at all why it should "pop" apart - Lego just doesn't do that when it's in compression. SHame I can't bone your bone...
goff, Jul 22 2004

       a) I wouldn't let the kids rebuild it (they wouldn't be able to anyway, it would all be too big and heavy for them) OR you would make it out of foam so it wasn' dangerous (but you wouldn't be able to have higher platforms on things)
b) How on earth would it result in a law suit anyway? Do your kids often sue you for damages?

       "Dad, I know it was an accident, but when you hit that cricket ball at me and broke my tooth, you not only caused actual bodily harm, but I suffered severe trauma as a result. I think about £1M should do it...see you in court."
goff, Jul 22 2004

       //Do your kids often sue you for damages?//
angel, Jul 22 2004

       I was at school with a girl who sued her father for causing the car crash that left her paralysed. It was the only way for her to get compensation for the accident.
oneoffdave, Jul 22 2004

       i've seen things like this. they are sort of flat and square, kids can build with them, and they come in a greyish castle look for boys. or a pink and white house for girls.   

       I forget what they're called, but it's almost the same as legos.
-wess, Jul 22 2004

       in regard to links, it si no surprise to me at all that this would happen in America on a regular basis. In the UK, I think I've even seen it once or twice, but I suspect not an issue for Lego if they wanted to do this in Europe.
goff, Jul 23 2004


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