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Merry Patio

Add snow
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Solar powered alphabetical element heated patio tiles.

On a particularly enjoyable snowy experience within the comfort of your viewing distance, through the patio doors, select the garden patio tiles via a remote alphabetical controled keypad to select a letter belonging to a designated tile.

The snow melts upon each selected tile, collectively they spell out a snowy ..

...[M][e][r][r][y] [C][h][r][i][s][t][m][a][s]!

skinflaps, Dec 17 2009

Information on Solar Tiles http://www.thefind....den/info-solar-tile
An example of suitable product [Aristotle, Dec 20 2009]


       I feel the need to buy a vowel, for some odd reason. Beautiful, in a Scrabblish-Yuletide sort of way. I like the looking out of the patio scenario. Cozy.
blissmiss, Dec 18 2009





       [v][e][r][y] [n][i][c][e][!]
po, Dec 18 2009

       [s][h][o][d][d][y] [b][l][u][i][d][e][r][s][!][+]
zen_tom, Dec 18 2009

       [B][A][H][!] [H][u][m][b][u][g][!]
8th of 7, Dec 18 2009

       Imagines giant Hollywood Hills Sign equivalent being switched on during a future ice age.
xenzag, Dec 18 2009

       hah [zen]
po, Dec 18 2009

       Make it big enough and you could do Sudoku on it.
phoenix, Dec 18 2009

xandram, Dec 18 2009

pocmloc, Dec 18 2009

       [A][n][d][ ][a][ ][M][e][r][r][y] [C][h][r][i][s][t][m][a][s][ ][t][o][ ][y][o][u][ ][m][y][ ][o][l][d][ ][m][a][t][e][!]   

       (I don't think my patio's quite that big actually)
wagster, Dec 18 2009

RayfordSteele, Dec 18 2009

       [Y][O][U][R][ ][D][I][N][N][E][R]['][S][ ][I][N][ ][T][H][E][ ][O][V][E][N]
pocmloc, Dec 18 2009

       Forecast is for a good part of 40-50 million people on the Eastern Coast of US, is we gonna get slammed tomorrow with blizzard like conditions and "feets" of snow. I added the extra 's' for effect.   

       (they say the hurricane plotters have flown into this storm to gather data, because it resembles one, a hurricane that is, not a plotter.)   

       [Got] [some] [big] [tiles]?
blissmiss, Dec 18 2009




po, Dec 18 2009

       In the summer, you could invite your guests to mingle on the patio barefoot while you programme rude and obscene messages. See who works it out first.
pocmloc, Dec 18 2009

       The danger here is that the tiles melt any snow or otherwise when they are on but allow the water to turn into ice when they're off. Frozen snow is ok to walk on, but ice isn't so obliging. Nevertheless...   

       [B][I][L][L][Y] [J][E][A][N]
[H][A][S] [H][A][D] [M][Y]
[C][R][O][I][S][S][A][N][T] ...
Jinbish, Dec 18 2009

       Replace the keypad with an electronic Ouija board (you still push-me-pull the planchette about with a partner).   

       What a fun way for the Spirits of the long departed to wish you a happy holidays!
outloud, Dec 19 2009

       Ah, the Spirit of Christmas .... a heady cocktail of wood alcohol and lighter fluid, with a dash of weedkiller.
8th of 7, Dec 19 2009

       It would appear that although alphabetical tiles themselves don't exist there are solar tiles that could be used to construct them, see link.
Aristotle, Dec 20 2009


       --- [O] ----------- [O]----
[O] --- [O] -- [O] --- [O]
--- [O] ----------- [O]----
--------[O] -- [O]---------
----------- [O] ------------

       this idea.
Inyuki, Dec 20 2009

       You foosball this idea?
tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2009

       Yea, you may think so :-)
Inyuki, Dec 21 2009

       [H][A][V][E] [A] [VERY] [M][E][R][R][Y] [G][O][O][D] [T][I][M][E] [F][O][L][K][S] [!]
skinflaps, Dec 27 2013

       Hey Flaps how are you? Happy New Year to ya.
blissmiss, Dec 27 2013

       And to you and everyone else.
skinflaps, Dec 29 2013

       [B][O][D][Y] [U][N][D][E][R] [T][H] [I][S]
not_morrison_rm, Dec 29 2013

       Hi Flaps!
po, Dec 30 2013

       {No SNOW] ?
popbottle, Jan 02 2014

       ^ That is giving me OCD issues which I thought I had completely supressed [popbottle].   

       Well done!   


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