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Lawn Knitter

Making it easier to be green
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Nostalgic about the textile industry? Need a way to entertain yourself while mowing? Nowhere to empty your grassbox? Too cheap to buy clothes?

The Lawn Knitter Loom-O-Matic 3000 is a lawnmower with an elegant yarn spinning wheel on top. As you mow, the fibrous grass cuttings are collected, carded, drawn, spun, and then fed into a loom which promptly knits you an organic pullover.

Various expansion packs and accessories are available which can weave the grass into all kinds of clothing items inappropriate for a hot summer's day.

mitxela, Apr 26 2009

...and don't forget camo car covers! + http://weburbanist....-car-camouflage.jpg
[xandram, Apr 27 2009]


       Yikes, itchy. (+)
Woven grass paper would be wright on though.

       I thought this was going to knit my lawn whilst leaving the long grass in situ - sort of a living rush matting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2009

       [+] If you spin any type of plant fiber thin enough, you can make it into a soft fabric.
Jscotty, Apr 26 2009

       [+] but can you spin 2" lengths of grass into fabric ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 26 2009

       I would wager if they can do wool and wolf hair, they can do grass. Although I think I want carpets, not clothing.
normzone, Apr 26 2009

       You could probably make mats that were suitable for mulching. Or panels for thatched roofs? I'm thinking rectangular sheet-like is the way to go.
paix120, Apr 27 2009

       The cut grass mat could then be rolled up and disposed of, eliminating the need for bags. [+]
swimswim, Apr 19 2010


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