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Lays party bag

Put a mylar helium balloon with the word "party" on it at the empty space in potato chip bags
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The most well known manufacturer of potato chips in the US is Lays.

There is lots of air in the top of the bags. They could replace the air with a festive floating balloon inside the bag that says "party" or perhaps "happy birthday"

beanangel, May 05 2018

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       //empty space in potato chip bags// AT potato chip bags, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 06 2018

       Allow me to stop you there. I take exception, nay even issue, with the prevalence and lazy thinking regarding floating balloons. I am detectably saddened when I see people in the street or on station platforms carrying metallic-looking floating balloons for whatever reason they thought they’d spend the money on. There are two reasons for this:   

       The floaty stuff inside the balloon is in short supply and when it is gone there won’t be any more (well not for a long time, as it is created through radioactive decay, often at, or even in, no, probably at, oil wells).   

       The balloon itself floats off and lands in fields far away where it attracts stupid animals such as cows sheep dogs (sheep and dogs separately, as well as the combined sheepdog) and horses to it, and they’ll often try eating the by-now sagging balloon and it often gets stuck part-way through the quadruped, sometimes killing it.   

       That’s why the sight of thoughtless balloon conveying is saddening.
Ian Tindale, May 06 2018

       Most balloons are made by Monsanto as a byproduct of one of their toxic GM Frankenstein food product chains.
xenzag, May 06 2018

       May we draw your attention to our very useful #include file, <EOSSACR.H> ?   


       Much time, effort and typing (as well as space on the HB server) could be saved if you were to create XSPACCR.H (Xenzag' s Standard Pointless Anti-Corporate Capitalism Rant) in your profile.   

       Then, whenever GM foods, hybridization, strip-mining, gratuitous use of chemical weapons, or economic exploitation of disadvantaged proles in hot countries far away are mentioned, you can (as we do, whenever pro-cat ideas appear) just #include the header file and everyone will immediately know your views.
8th of 7, May 06 2018

       Blimey! Could I do that about right-handedness linguistic bias; mention of cars and driving; irritating anti-success thinking; maths; dogs shitting all over the place; the trauma of not getting a Chopper for Christmas in 1975; that there’s still religion and there shouldn’t be; americanisms that don’t convey the slightest meaning; thoughtless waste and inefficient processes; Maltesers – and people who are under the impression that they’re edible and not just bits of breezeblock covered in chocolate. ?
Ian Tindale, May 06 2018

       Maltesers are the food of the gods, [Ian].
MaxwellBuchanan, May 06 2018

       Monotheism is a gift from the gods.
(Emo Philips)
Ian Tindale, May 06 2018

       // the trauma of not getting a Chopper for Christmas in 1975 //   

       No wonder you've turned out so bitter and twisted, [IT]. That sort of psychological wound just doesn't heal ...
8th of 7, May 06 2018

       Nut chopper? Chopper bike? Helicopter? All three? Perhaps you weren't specific enough in the type of chopper you wanted?   

       I'd love to see Ian's rant about a random meaningless Americanism.
RayfordSteele, May 06 2018


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