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Lazy Opener

open screw top bottles the lazy way
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Lazy Opener is a small mechanical device containing a hideously powerful spring, the energy of which is used to open bottle tops, especially those holding sparkling water. Here's how it works:

Lazy Opener is firmly docked against its wall based holder, then wound up using a key with an extended arm to provide leverage.

To open a bottle, Lazy Opener is removed from its dock, placed over the top of the bottle, and locked firmly in place around the neck. The screw top is gripped by the knurled unwinder. When the mechanism is activated, the spring forces the top of the bottle to turn in short controlled movements, punctuated by mini reverses to allow the excess effervescence to escape without overflowing.

While Lazy Opener is going about its business, its owner is free to attend to more important matters, like checking the orientation of shoe pairs to ensure that the speed of light has not been exceeded.

Lazy Opener ensures that no bottle of sparkling water will ever explosively release its contents again.

xenzag, Oct 17 2015




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