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For when you really should be in bed
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It's two in the morning, and you really should be in bed, but you just can't stop playing the latest thing. What you need is the Lazyfrag - an in-bed game platform!

A cheap projector puts a 30-something-inch screen on your ceiling. Headphones are easy. A rocker-like controller in each hand, with multiple buttons galore, allow you to control all aspects of the game while lying down.

The Lazyfrag recognizes when you stop playing, and automatically cuts out to let you sleep.

sadie, Aug 29 2002


       I sleep under my skylight, will it be able to project into the sky in a Batman style, thus allowing you to show off to all your neighbours?
NickTheGreat, Aug 29 2002

       Ha! Projecting onto the clouds would be cool but only if you could limit it to one person projecting at a time. Otherwise 10,000 people all projecting onto the same spot would look a bit of a mess.
DrBob, Aug 29 2002

       Unless it was a massive multi-player thing, in upside-down god view?
sadie, Aug 29 2002

       "In the news today, 2010. Neverwinter Nights 2 released. Reports of neckaches in 13-to-18-year old males skyrocket."
watermelancholy, Aug 29 2002

       "...meanwhile, rockets and planes crash due to distracting images being projected onto clounds. One pilot reported 'the game just looked too interesting. i tried to fly in circles waiting to see if he beat the troll, until i ran out of fuel'."
sadie, Aug 29 2002

       //It's two in the morning, and you really should be in bed//
thumbwax, Aug 29 2002

       i hear that thumbwax.   

       GO 32 hour gaming binge!!!!!!   

       and yet i think you would need a pritty large projector with a extremly powerfull light to pull off this stunt.   

       it would probly show up in the next big gameing convention. "Night Sky Gaming!"
toomer34, Jun 25 2005

       You can't just use a laptop like everyone else?   

       Oh, right, that wouldn't be the halfbakey spirit.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 21 2007


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