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One Handed Portable Game Console

A device designed to play video games with one hand
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I was thinking of how convenient a portable game console designed to be played with one hand would be like, you could play a game with one hand and have a hamburger with the other hand, or take notes, or having a drink, or standing in the bus, or even playing it while making a phone call, it would be like a portrait mode device, with a button layout similar to an old cellphone or portable MP3 player, like a trackpad with embedded buttons, buttons on the back too for extra control, an accelerometer, and it could be played with your right or left hand, it could feature games like RPG’s, turn based games, puzzle games, point and click adventures, simplistic platformers, arcade style games, etc. and the games would be released digitally.
appdirect, May 31 2014

Problem is not the method of game delivery, it is the design of the games themselves. http://shimage.net/one-tap-quest/
[calum, Jun 03 2014]


       Is nobody going to step up and make the obligatory joke about one-handed digital games?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 01 2014

       What about one-handed digital games ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 01 2014

       Once upon a time, I figured out how to re-engineering a standard PS2 controller so I could use it one-handed. 2 joy-sticks, a joy-pad and 10 buttons, all by one hand. I should probably build it one day...
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 02 2014

       //Is nobody going to step up and make the obligatory joke about one-handed digital games?// - Logically, a digital game should be one-fingered.
hippo, Jun 03 2014

       Apropos link.
calum, Jun 03 2014

       I thought people played games these days by wiggling their hips in front of the TV. I saw it in an ad! I do not own such a game console but have been practicing. For nothing??
bungston, Jun 03 2014

       Agree with calum. Most of the top 100 games in the phone market are games you can play with one hand.   

       It's by game design, not by the device itself.
sophocles, Jun 04 2014

       Post is clearly describing "a phone".   

       Poster's nym is [appdirect]   

BunsenHoneydew, Jun 06 2014

       This concept dovetails perfectly with my new game: Bed Bouncers
ShaneSezWhat, Jun 06 2014


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