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Leg Wrestling

More like arm wrestling than body-wrestling
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This sport requires some modestly special equipment before it can be practiced. Let me try an ASCII sketch:

Crude as that is, it may suffice to present the basics. At left and right are vertical walls (part of the framework that holds the middle thing, and taller than portrayed in the sketch). The two contestants sit with their backs toward the two walls, and their feet are placed against the middle thing. Due to different sizes of the possible contestants, it is necessary that the distance between the two walls be adjustable.

That middle thing is a kind of "sliding wall", specifically designed not to twist as it gets pushed. That is, its design interacts with the framework to let it slide without twisting.

Each contestant starts partly-scrunched-up. The goal is to extend one's legs fully, thereby fully-scrunching-up (harmlessly!) the other contestant.

Vernon, Jul 16 2010


       Lego of me!
xenzag, Jul 16 2010

       We used to play a game in boy scouts somewhat like this, the contestants sat on the floor facing each other, legs bent, soles of feet pressing against each others feet. Each person grasping one end of a rope in their hands. The aim was to pull your opponents arse off the floor.
pocmloc, Jul 16 2010

       Winner gets to wear the cup next round.
reensure, Jul 22 2010


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