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Mad Wrestling Hose Man

wrestle with a man on the end of a hose
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Mad Wrestling Hose Man consists of a rubbery male figure that inflates, then adopts a crouching wrestling pose when its connecting umbilical hose (running from his back) delivers the appropriate level of water pressure.

Increasing the pressure causes some of the various apertures that cover the figure to open, resulting in him lashing about on the end of the hose, as water sprays everywhere.

Pulsations of the water, combined with even more pressure, make the figure fling around totally out of control. This is where the opponent comes into his/her own, as they try with varying degrees of success to grapple with and subdue the Mad Hose Man.

Also doubles up as an irrigation device for public parks, but I'll leave that for someone's intern to detail that idea extension. Ha

xenzag, Jan 16 2016

Inflatable Flailing Arm Swordsmen
[xaviergisz, Jan 19 2016]


       The people who make those nasty Japanese cartoons would love hose man and his various apertures.   

       Probably when not fighting he would need a day job (to pay the water bill). Firefighter? Sprinkler? Bad dog discourager?
bungston, Jan 17 2016

       This is good.
doctorremulac3, Jan 19 2016

       Can we obtain different models such as a Mad Wrestling Hose WOman? Sales would surely rise if the wet opponent were of an appropriate anatomically-correct gender to encourage wet, cardio exercise on the lawn. [+]
whatrock, Jan 19 2016


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