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Orchestral MMA

Starts off like any other orchestral performance, then the oboe hits a flat note...
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The bassoon player becomes enraged and smashes him over the head with his specially crafted bassoon that smashes into pieces as the oboe player fakes being knocked out.

Now the violinist is pissed, takes his violin and uses it like a bow, launching the violin bow (ironically) at the bassoon player, who ducks the shot, but the flute player turns around and has a fake bow imbedded in his back.

Pandemonium ensues and some of the performers fight while the others create the music background for the pandemonium ensuing. (a-la looney toons).

At the end of the performance, the performers all stand up and take a bow. No, not a bow to the back from a bow being shot by a violin being used as a bow. Maybe it's "Orchestral WWF", whatever it is they do that fake fighting thing.

doctorremulac3, Jun 24 2024

Starts off with this… https://youtu.be/_R...si=Srj_S0TCxTpLELZC
[doctorremulac3, Jun 24 2024]

then turns into this. https://www.youtube...25zIGZpZ2h0IG11c2lj
[doctorremulac3, Jun 24 2024]

Or you could do this with the lights off ... https://www.google....oeuvres+in+the+dark
[normzone, Jun 25 2024]


       Sounds like something from The Three Stooges or maybe an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.
a1, Jun 25 2024


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