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Meat Donuts

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Donuts made out of meat. Kinda like never ending sausages.

Could easily be done by bending a sausage back against itself and tying the two loose ends together, but for a true seamless loop, maybe inject the mince through a minute hole and let it fill up the ring to capacity.

mrkillboy, Aug 13 2001

Meat Lover's Donut http://www.isolation.net/food.html
[benfrost, Aug 13 2001]

`Proper sausage meat` http://news.bbc.co....1482000/1482140.stm
For Guy Fox! [Pallex, Aug 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Perfect! Bagels would finally have a meat worthy of sandwiching.
Miss Wahlula, Aug 13 2001

       This sounds like a job for the brits ...
futurebird, Aug 13 2001

       or use a small circular cookie cutter on a hamburger before grilling - another bagel perfect sandwich. perhaps a sausage roll with a hole through it could be sliced and cooked for that sausage/egg/cheese bagel in the morning (just have to figure out a way to make a fried egg with a hole in it...
n0d, Aug 13 2001

       //or use a small circular cookie cutter on a hamburger before grilling//   

       Grilling: Bad! Deep-frying: Good! Remember, they're donuts. Nothing healthier than deep fried meat. Mmmmm.
PotatoStew, Aug 13 2001

       perhaps thinly sliced horse penis. or some other large cocked animal.
benfrost, Aug 14 2001

       No thanks. I'm suddenly not hungry anymore.
Lucky_Setzer, Aug 14 2001

       I don't know if hamburgers count as sausage, but don't worry; you can get 'square' sausage in Scotland - flat and similar to hamburgers (except square, of course) but made of proper sausage meat. All you need is a bit of reshaping and you're sorted. And, indeed, many fish'n'chip shops here will deep-fry almost anything (deep-fried Haggis, deep-fried Black Pudding, deep-fried Mars Bar... yum yum). I think I'll have a word down at the local chippy.
Guy Fox, Aug 14 2001

       ...now, if only there were an appropriate beverage into which one could dunk said meat taurus....hmmm...
munkeylunk, Aug 14 2001

       or perhaps some sort of jam. vagina jam filled meat donuts?
benfrost, Aug 15 2001

       did you *have* to bring vagina jam into this? really? was that necessary?
sdm, Aug 15 2001

       mmm instead of sausages what could it be ? :S
NeoPiter, Jul 13 2004

bristolz, Jul 13 2004

       Sometimes, I punch a hole in the middle of my burger, as it helps it cook very nicely.   

       That being said, [Potato] points out the real prize of this idea: deep fried meat. bun
epicproblem, Jun 05 2006

       //...now, if only there were an appropriate beverage into which one could dunk said meat taurus....hmmm...//   

       well, coffee is flavored artificially anyhow so why not mustard flavored coffee (if we are using german or polish sausage). Maybe heated up maple syrup. damn i'm hungry.
akgeo, Jun 06 2006

       These are baked regularly in Samoa. There I was, looking for an unhealthy afternoon snack and, spying hot doughnuts I thought my luck was in. I exchanged some cash with the gentleman to procure said doughnuts. After one bite I realised that I had in fact bought a meat, rather than 'normal' doughnut. I wouldn't go miles out of my way to recommend them.
neilp, Jun 07 2006

       This is a reallygood idea [+]   


       (shinobi squints and put hands to chin in the pyramid of evil contemplation formation)
shinobi, Jun 07 2006


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