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Lego Fireworks

Not miniature fireworks, although that'd be cool
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I love fireworks, who doesn't?

I would love to build my own, however it looks really hard. (mix this, add that, build this, don't kill yourself in the process that, etc.) So heres my idea Lego Fireworks. The coolness of Fireworks, and the ease of construction that Lego allows.

Kits would come with central rockets, each rocket would have a small chart, of weight to height ratios (the amount you load on, the height it should go) The central rocket would light and fire like most fireworks, and at the end of their flight they explode. The central rockets would have pegs, (or someother suitable attachment method) with which you can attach charges.

Charges would consist of things like: Red fire, blue stripes, green sparkles, secondary rockets that fly away then explode. Each charge would have a printed weight on it, allowing the builder to have a calculated level of safety.

People can build their own, custom tailored fireworks, maybe in company colours, or for sporting events, in team colours, all for cheap. As replacement charges are cheaper. (chemicals in a box) A minimum purchase age is probably a good idea.

swimr, Jun 18 2004

(?) Sears tower http://www.brickshe...rs/sears/sears2.jpg
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I only sort of understand. how is lego involved?
schematics, Jun 18 2004

       [schematics] The peg attachment method.   

       The pegs aren't the best way, neither is anything metal. Tape anyone?
swimr, Jun 18 2004

       For your July 4 celebration: Lego fireworks, lego hotdogs, and flags with fifty stars and thirteen legos.
ldischler, Jun 18 2004

       S, "Build your own fireworks then", not Lego at all. Disappointed. Lego is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century (as far as toys are concerned, anyway).
goff, Jun 18 2004

       Everyone forgets about Capsela..
Mr Burns, Jun 18 2004

       I think I had some capsela once...
swimr, Jun 18 2004

       as a lover of both explosions and snap-on toys of many forms, I love this idea. one ? for you though, how is the ignition being sent to the snap on comps?
photojunkie, Jun 18 2004

       Just have the whole rocket explode, anything near it should blow up too, well, in theory.
swimr, Jun 18 2004

       [Zanzibar], I don't think the product liability would be too ridiculous. I mean, Estes is still selling model rocket engines and they aren't exactly Nerf.
GenYus, Jun 18 2004

       Model rocket engines don't explode.
5th Earth, Jun 18 2004

       //The central rockets would have pegs// I think the correct term for these cylindrical protuberances found on lego components is "nubs".
At the exhaust end the rocket could have a little baseboard so you can build a Lego structure around the rocket. The hot exhaust gases ignite the bricks which slowly burn upward to give the effects. Red bricks=red, Green bricks=green, .... Clear bricks=time delay, Black bricks=bang. Imagine a colorful, flying, Sears Tower (link; no color, no flying, but Sears tower in Lego)
kbecker, Jun 18 2004

       [kbecker], thats awesome!
swimr, Jun 18 2004

       I was exposed to traumatic firework-based snuff films in primary school, I wouldn't want to mess around with them too much. Sometimes I still wake up screaming, "make sure you are a safe distance from the firework!!"
harderthanjesus, Jun 19 2004

       I'm not sure I understand... are we just wrapping plastic blocks around an explosive device?   

       I think that's called a grenade.   

       (M-80 + M-Tron bits = M-Pressive display.)
WordUp, Jun 19 2004


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