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Rub Two Sticks Together

rub two sticks together to make fire
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Rubbing together of two pieces of dry wood can produce a fire, with the careful use of the correct technique and kindling material, but it's a very tricky process. Enter the modern world of Rub Two Sticks Together.

This is a product that all campers etc can take with them, and simply consists of two sets of twigs contained in an oversized match-box.

The twigs have been appropriately treated with an A and B chemical in such a way as when one stick is rubbed vigorously rubbed against the other at a specific area, they erupt into flame, in exactly the same way as that of a match when struck against the side of its container box. The two sticks are then substantial enough to act as starter material for a larger fire. A and B sticks are different in appearance so that there is no possible confusion - ie one is straighter, and the other has more knobs on it than the other.

(somehow feel I posted this idea already, but could not find.... must have a clear out of old ideas sometime)

xenzag, Dec 17 2015

You'll wet the bed https://www.youtube...watch?v=vWfS8_zqa14
[bhumphrys, Dec 19 2015]


       So, an oversized match?
pocmloc, Dec 17 2015

       Not quite..... as the box is not used as a striker.
xenzag, Dec 17 2015

       Something like two very large non-safety matches
hippo, Dec 17 2015

       yes.... except they're sticks, and need to be rubbed together, which is why the idea is called "Rub Two Sticks Together"
xenzag, Dec 17 2015

       What's the difference between a match, and a stick coated with friction igniter?
pocmloc, Dec 17 2015

       The very differences you have just described,
guncandy, Dec 17 2015

       The most effective way to use these would be to "find" the two twigs lying on the forest floor, and impress those around you with your fire-making skills.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 17 2015

       So what if you forget which stick is which? I mean, forget which is the one with knobs and which is the one which is bent?
bhumphrys, Dec 18 2015

       It doesn't matter if you forget, as long as you rub two different sticks together, you will get a fire.
xenzag, Dec 18 2015

       That's clever.
bhumphrys, Dec 18 2015

       See link, [Ian].
bhumphrys, Dec 19 2015

       The fire is cleverly hidden until needed.
whatrock, Oct 19 2016

       I just carry a small flask of phlogiston for such occasions, but pretty much any strong acid would do.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 19 2016

       Two small bottles of never ending sparks, nice. <....imagines nuclear fireflys>
wjt, Oct 20 2016


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