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Lemon Water Fridge

Refrigerator that dispenses cold water with a touch of lemon juice
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A few drops of lemon juice can make a subtle yet significant change to the taste of drinking water. I rarely drink water without it, and it's far healthier than many beverage alternatives. Adding the lemon juice to every glass is almost becoming a pain.

Proposed is a refrigerator that dispenses filtered water, as in the prior art, but also has a reservoir that the owner keeps full of lemon juice. The user selects the desired output ratio (say 100:1) and dispenses a glass that is perfectly flavored.

kevinthenerd, Aug 14 2011


       Prepare ice cubes with the right amount of lemon juice added. Stockpile a bunch of them so they last at least until your lemon water drinking fad is over.
rcarty, Aug 14 2011

       Why not go all the way and install a device that automatically removes a lemon from the fruit drawer, cuts it and squeezes the juice?
Alx_xlA, Aug 14 2011

       "If life gives you lemons, squeeze lemon juice in someone's eyes and run away laughing".
8th of 7, Aug 14 2011

       "If live gives you water with no lemon juice in it, put some lemon juice in it. It's right there, in the fridge."
Alterother, Aug 14 2011

       My family is quite fond of this as well, although they have a much simpler solution- they just get me to make it.
Hive_Mind, Aug 14 2011

       I thought this was going to be a fridge that cooled via lemon water somehow.
daseva, Aug 14 2011

       Yuk Sorry.
The Kat, Aug 14 2011

       Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you don't have sugar, or water, or a juicer, or anyone to squeeze them at, and you just have to learn to be happy with lemons.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 14 2011

       Since that last nasty little incident I've learnt to keep my hands off my neighbour's melons. :(
AusCan531, Aug 15 2011

       At all kibbutz meal halls there are three faucets, cold water, cold soda water, and cold pink lemonade.
pashute, Aug 15 2011

<sound of wind> .
....@.......@.......... @.....@.
<tumbleweeds roll past> .
8th of 7, Aug 15 2011

       I like lemon water, therefore + from me.
blissmiss, Aug 15 2011


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