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Log flume

Sewer transport
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It's as its name suggests a revolutionary way of overcoming the problems of inner city transportation (Includes an inbuilt indigestion charge.) Currently you'd have to go with the flow.

But if you put propellors on your log then you'd be able to go upstream and do an added service of mashing up the hard bits.

It's byline would be We're not as shitty as the current transport system

WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 02 2006


       Sort of - but a lot cheaper and without all the nicety. All you need is a log and a strong stomach for all the fun of the fair.
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 02 2006

       Not so much swimming as 'going through the motions'.
gnomethang, Feb 02 2006

       Now that would be real. I'd prefer it to all the cheap perfume.
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 02 2006


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