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Magnetic Wheel

Operates by alternating magnets attracting parts of wheel.
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This would be a wheel with magnets embedded in its rim. One is pointing North, the other South, and so on. On the ground, there are magnets embedded to attract the magnets on the wheel. These are electromagnets, and increase and decrease their force when needed, so that the wheel does not just stay put, a magnet on one side attempting to pull the wheel over, and a magnet on the other side with the same force.

By the way, if you have trouble understanding what on earth I mean, imagine the magnetic trains in Japan.

Aet Lindling, Mar 26 2007

Image of Magnetic Wheel http://img48.images...160/picture2ud4.png
A visual description of the above half-baked invention. [Aet Lindling, Mar 26 2007]


       But then the wheel would stay put.
Aet Lindling, Mar 26 2007

       Naw, you just activate the electromagnet that is just in front of the bottom of the wheel. That pulls the front of the wheel down and the axle forwards. Now you turn that magnet off and turn on the next one ahead of the wheel. Repeat.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 26 2007

       Strange, I was under the impression that opposites attract. Not so, in Aet Lindling World, or at least his/her drawing. Still, the diagram irrefutably demonstrates that + attracts + and - attracts -. The scientists will be scratching their heads over this one. We'd better change the Wikipedia entry, too.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 26 2007

       *sigh* You're definitely right. How on earth did that happen? I remember telling myself, opposites attract, make sure to do that. Ah well, Aet Lindling World is insane, so it makes sense. :-) I like sarcasm, even directed at me, anyway.   

       "Naw, you just activate the electromagnet that is just..." Of course! I wasn't thinking of it right.   

       The image is updated now.
Aet Lindling, Mar 26 2007

       That gives me an idea...
BJS, Mar 27 2007

       ...It does...?
Aet Lindling, Mar 27 2007

       So basically this is exactly the same thing as a standard DC electric motor, but with more magnets than are necessary, only one possible direction of movement, and mandatory usage in transportation?
Smurfsahoy, Mar 27 2007

       Sorry had an idea that might help you but with the ammount of electricity needed we might as well just use our fossil fuel engines
Maltese lunatic, Apr 29 2007


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