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Let Lemurs Build Your House

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I'm having the back end of my house torn off and replaced. I tried to get "Let Lemurs Build Your House" but they were all booked up and it's easy to see why.

Not being satisfied with just being expert builders, this squad carry out their work dressed in Lemur costumes. Their long tails double up as safety lines which they can hook unto the cross poles and hang from in total safety as they nimbly negotiate the scaffolding.

They also communicate with each other in Lemur language, so you no longer have to listen to dreary discussions about last night's "match", and no more builder's bum on display either (though their rivals "Let Baboons Build Your House" take a different approach to that situation!

xenzag, Jul 03 2008

Lemurs http://filipinaathe.../2007/12/lemur8.jpg
say hello to the roofing squad [xenzag, Jul 03 2008]

Lemmings http://www.snopes.c.../films/lemmings.asp
Lemming suicide is fiction [English Bob, Jul 03 2008]

Lemmings ... http://scienceblogs...ngs_on_the_move.php
Not cuddly at all. [8th of 7, Jul 03 2008]


       I need to know if lemurs have opposing thumbs. []
coprocephalous, Jul 03 2008

       From what I've observed of lemurs, they sleep a lot. When not sleeping, they like to eat or fight. But I like the general "tradespeople in fancy dress" concept; it should be extended to other disciplines.
English Bob, Jul 03 2008

       I'm not sure they would be competent builders, why not try beavers instead?
simonj, Jul 03 2008

       Would they still make cat-calls and wolf-whistles?
Laughs Last, Jul 03 2008

       Dyslexics beware - if you accidentally hire "Let Lemmings Build Your House" you could end up with something rather different from what you expected ......
8th of 7, Jul 03 2008

       Lemurs have opposable thumbs so this could work. Also they are very cute so you could spend the day watching them and go 'awwww'. Opposing thumbs might be more interesting, watch thumbs fight each other!
penguin_tummy, Jul 03 2008

       They don't have our kind of opposable thumbs though, just on which are separated and which can be used to wedge stuff into their hands. Maybe insufficiently opposable.
nineteenthly, Jul 03 2008

       Assuming you mean the suicide thing, [8th of 7], it's a myth. If there's some other characteristic of lemmings which makes them unsuitable for house building - never mind. If there's anything else that makes lemmings interesting, at all, I'd like to hear it. Poor things.
English Bob, Jul 03 2008

       "Lemmings can be fierce little buggers, bearing their teeth when approached and decimating entire sections of countryside of vegetation. In fact, the word "lemming" comes from the Norwegian "lemmus" which means destruction. "   

8th of 7, Jul 03 2008

       They're trying to get to Scotland.
nineteenthly, Jul 03 2008

       Scotland ? A country already infested with huge hairy destructive creatures ?   

       Who will notice ?
8th of 7, Jul 03 2008

       There certainly is in me. I want to go to Scotland too. Also, i frequently wish i was dead (OK, so they don't, but you know what i mean).
nineteenthly, Jul 06 2008


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