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Level-headed specs

For design, posture, hands-on architecture and finding out why you don't trust Helen from two doors down.
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A pair of glasses with a tiny horizontal line printed on the lenses, a lot like the cross- hairs of a scope. Set into the lenses is an equally miniscule vial of water, with an even smaller bubble of air inside, serving as a spirit level.

Now, without the use of a ruler or on- screen guides, you can align objects on a page with ease. Match up the lines, ensure the spirit level is centred and hey pesto.

Similarly useful for: keeping your head straight, should you be so inclined;
building accurate and precise sand- castles;
judging the lop-sidedness of old buildings;
and discovering that one of Helen's eyes is slightly higher than the other.

theleopard, Apr 04 2008

Renders this obsolete for spec wearers dSLRSL
Bravo! [coprocephalous, Apr 04 2008]

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       You'd need equal-height ears.
angel, Apr 04 2008

       //Similarly useful for keeping your head straight, should you be so inclined// [+] for that
vincevincevince, Apr 04 2008

       I told Helen what you said, and now she's walking around all moany and squinty eyed looking like Popeye.   

       I hope your happy.   

       ...and for playing fields
xenzag, Apr 04 2008

       The problem is that a really small bubble won't behave properly - it'll tend to stick.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 04 2008

       //The problem is that a really small bubble won't behave properly//
Well, beat with a stick until it does.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 04 2008

       With a fluid with a very low surface tension - like a low-molecualr weight hydrocarbon - the "sticking" effect might not be so bad. Liquid helium would be OK ...
8th of 7, Apr 04 2008

       So, what gas would you use to make a bubble in liquid helium?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 04 2008

       Innovative use of it in a car:   

       1. Determine one of the shock absorbers is strained by an overweight, or, there's a crude bomb in a luggage compartment!   

       2. It predicts a crash after a blown-out front tire.   

       3. It sternly point out where to swerve when the chauffeur traced the funny far side of the road.   

       4. To help a lady realize she's in for a hard driven life with her fiancé.   

       5. To gage what a jerk your partner is.   

       6. Take a privy peek preview inside your gf, hmmmm!
rotary, Apr 04 2008

       [2 fries], one wonders what would happen should Helen wear these glasses - presumably she would distrust everyone else.   

       [Angel], when being subscribed these glasses your optician will adjust the frames to accommodate for lop-sided ears. Simple.   

       [AWOL}, I tend to show my misbehaving bubbles the back of my hand.
theleopard, Apr 07 2008

       Pro: having all your pictures hanging exactly level   

       Con: developing OCD from checking how level your pictures are every day
wagster, Apr 07 2008


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