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Licorice Moustache

Hours of fun
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A range of licorice treats for children shaped as facial hair. Ranging from the Dali thru to the Groucho Marx and the Village People, children can explore roleplay before eating.

Also sold in this range the milk moustache and 'shaving' cream beard (real cream in a can that is packaged like shaving cream).

benfrost, Apr 03 2001


       Marzipan noses and warts and scars and cauliflower ears, and gills and unicorn horns.
hello_c, Apr 04 2001

       Making the sugarelly already in the shape of a moustache takes away the fun of making your own sugarelly moustache, weaving the black in with the ever popular red, twisting round the green, and ending up with the black at either end...   

       [...sorry, got lost in childhood memories...]
[ sctld ], Apr 05 2001


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