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Marzipan Action Figures that look like you
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This combines three new-ish technologies I have recently seen/heard of: 1. A rapid prototyping machine that can turn CAD drawings (say for new types of widget) into demos, made of styrene, or something 2. A company that can turn two normal photos of your head into a 3D avatar that you can upload into computer games like Doom/FIFA Soccer 3. A printer that uses edible food dye to scan photos onto cakes.

The MarziMan service combines all three. You would send in two head photos and two body shots along with your vital statistics to MarziMan. We would render it into 3D, and then make a mould that we cast into Marzipan and spray with appropriate hair, skin colour, eyes etc. In two weeks, you would have your own 12" edible action figure of yourself.

andy, Dec 01 2000


       eat that much marzipan and you're gonna throw yourself up.
mac cartel, Dec 01 2000

       i'm not actually sure whether i'd want an action figure, or a life size marzipan cast of my head, in full colour with accurate hair, eyes and skin.
andy, Dec 01 2000

       Who says you can't send in photos of other people?   

       Marzipan Victoria's Secret models! Yum!
redshift9, Dec 01 2000

       please combine with the Pop Boulders idear
tfangio, Aug 08 2003


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