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Mouse Pointerz

Novelty snack for computer enthusiasts
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Chewable sweets shaped like mouse pointer arrows. Also ones shaped like the little hand.
benfrost, Dec 30 2001


       It could also contain hourglasses (for the Windows crowd), wristwatches (for the Mac crowd), and twirly iridescent disks (for the MacOSX/NeXT crowd). Or maybe those should be three different product lines.
wiml, Dec 31 2001

       ...And quite often the Windows mouse pointer would stick in one place and, well, how would you reboot? Hmmm. Especially a problem if it crashed whilst in your mouth. Having an especially munged-up Windows environment on a couple of the PCs at work, I 'spect you would eventually die because your mouth would be completely filled with frozen mouse pointers that could not be cleared. Ugh.
Dog Ed, Dec 31 2001

       UnaBubba, don't tell Vernon, but I think you've discovered perpetual motion there.
cp, Dec 31 2001


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