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Life-size Xbox

All your games, computers, dvd players, sterios, etc. in one..
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I know this is not a very new idea (combining all your games and stuff), but I'd like to take it a little bit further. Instead of having loads of wires all over your house (you should see my room), integrate all your game systems, tv's, dvd players, sterios, PC's, radios, telephone, surround sound, clocks, etc. into your house. Instead of having walls, have screens (k, you might need some money for that one). If I can fit 300 GB in a portable little external hardrive, image what I can put in my wall. Sony, Microsoft, and all those other game system makers are just costing everybody big bucks by having seperate systems. Play Halo 2 on your wall with wireless controlers, then play a ps3 game on the same house-cpu. Walk around your house while watching a movie by having the mediaplayer box follow you around. Reconfigure your surround sound to wherever you go. And if you don't like living in the city, have your "windows" show Alberta Cannada outside your room. All of this wouldn't be as expensive as it sounds with computers becoming more and more ubiquitous. On top of that, use UnaBubba's photovaltaic paint on the outside of your live-in computer for hundreds of square feet of extra energy. :)
Mikloth, Jun 03 2005

Wasn't that cool, that thing I read... http://technovelgy....ontent.asp?Bnum=455
preheated, at the least [justaguy, Jun 03 2005]

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       Putting electronics into the architecture would make them hard to change and upgrade. Game systems have a ~3-year lifecycle, houses keep for 20, 50, even 100 years.   

       Having everthing use the same platform would make it harder for different platforms to compete and stifle hardware development.   

       You think you're paying "big bucks" now? Wait until everything is controlled by one company and see what price that company will charge you then.
jutta, Jun 03 2005

       What [jutta] says. Also, relatedly, I feel sorry for those folks who buy those expensive LG refrigerators with the built-in computers and LCD monitors in the door. They end with a refrigerator that has a 10-15 year life span and embedded technology with a 2 or 3 year life span.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       What is needed is an open architecture to disassociate the consumer unit/functional interface to enable interworking of heterogenous technology types.
Jinbish, Jun 03 2005

       I think they call those "dwellings."
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       Pretty much. I was thinking of "shelves", but 10 points to [bris].
Jinbish, Jun 03 2005

       Fishbone 451
justaguy, Jun 03 2005

       If each cpu can be removed as a unit and easily upgraded, you would still be able to keep up with the latest. There would still be competition for computer systems, but they should be compatable with each other.
Mikloth, Jun 03 2005

       They did something like this on 'The Screen Savers' on TechTV (or whatever it is, now). They called it the Y-Box. And that thing actually was life-sized... it was just a big box, but with the minimum amount of wires in and out. Seperate disc trays, too, I think.
ghillie, Jun 03 2005


       emulation nation   


       thinking of somthing else   

       good idea   

       its G4   


       a large room of gameing would cost so much who is the target consumer?
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       There are a lot of good technologies that could be great in homes, but people are hesitant to spend the money to install them because before you know it they're outdated.   

       I think console developers just need to let us use exteneral USB hardrives. I'm tired of buying an official "Xbox 360" hardrive and an official "GameCube" memory card.   

       At least the Wii lets you use SD cards, which is the first step.
billybob5982, Nov 11 2006


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