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Light up Ring

Generator powered light up ring
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A ring to be worn on any finger with a small generator inside, be it a small counterweight attached to a coil or a moveable magnet type. The ring would have a large cut stone with a L.E.D behind it and also a super capacitor inside to store power. The components would also be complety sealed in some sort of potting compound with no user servicable parts that way it would also be waterproof. A tiny reed switch could also be incorporated with a small magnet that clips in place. That way you can decide to keep the Light on or off,pretend to be the green lantern. :) Actually i think it would be very handy to have a light source always with you.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005

Flashing ring http://www.foreign-...?c=chuanz%20&p=2367
[skinflaps, Sep 05 2005]

Backlit Wedding Ring backlit_20wedding_20rings
Yup. And kinetic light rings were discussed here, too, by [bobofthefuture]. [jurist, Sep 05 2005]

Here is the picture i promised http://rec.homedns.org/rfront.jpg
Front of ring [mawgadog, Sep 05 2005]

And the back view http://rec.homedns.org/rback.jpg
more than enough room for the electronics [mawgadog, Sep 05 2005]


       //and also a super capacitor inside to store power// - Exactly how big is this ring?
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       Yes i wrote that already one of those tiny new super Capacitors. Not very big as soon as i get a chance i will take a picture of the ring i was thinking to do it with and post a picture.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005

       Thanks for the links i see someone has already thought or made it , but i was thinking along the lines of something of better quality that looks like a normal ring. more along the lines of bobofthefuture's idea. Just not a wedding ring.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005

       At one point i was thinking also to light it up with a tritium vial which would probably look cool but not make very much light.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005

       i've always wanted my ring to light up.
benfrost, Sep 05 2005

       You're not putting a beta emitter anywhere near my ring.
coprocephalous, Sep 05 2005

       You're not putting a beta emitter anywhere near my ring.   

       LOL why not they put them in watches. For that version i would line the underside first with lead and then epoxy. Would that make you feel any better? Dunno how Airport security would think about a radioactive ring though.   

       On a side note i just voted for my own idea by mistake how do i take away that vote? I'm new to halfbakery and was just clicking around.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005

       //On a side note i just voted for my own idea by mistake how do i take away that vote?//   

       Press the destroy button on your user page.."Wait! No... don't do that!.."   

       You can vote for your own idea if you want to, or you can press neutral up top.
skinflaps, Sep 05 2005

       Voting for my own ideas just makes me feel a bit... dirty. Silly really, my ideas are all great.
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       Didn't realise buning yourself [wags] induced erotic desires.
skinflaps, Sep 05 2005

       Sorry Wagster i just read your annotation again and realized it was a quote from what i wrote. I saw a few years ago that some type of super capacitor was invented, it was a 1 farad cap and was very small, i could be wrong but i thing it might have had aerogel or something inside, it was awhile back so i might be confusing the fact of the aerogel.
mawgadog, Sep 05 2005


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