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OC Combat Light

(Oleoresin Capsicum, AKA pepper spray)
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The name of this product is derived from two sources. The first is mentioned in the summary bar. The second is the Surefire Z2 Combat Light, my favorite of all the flashlights I've owned. While it could certainly be used in a combat environment by units such as SWAT, it could also be carried legally by civilians.

The idea is to combine 2 self-defense items (flashlight with ultra- bright xenon bulb and OC spray) into one compact device which can be operated single-handedly, since both components (the light and the spray) are going to be aimed at the same place anyway, leaving the other hand free to hold back your assailant or draw a weapon for a more permanent solution to your dilemma.

21 Quest, Apr 01 2013

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[normzone, Apr 02 2013]



       Honestly, I can't guess why this hasn't already been done. A Surefire or similar Xenon/HILED tactical light does more than just blind an attacker: at close range, it's as stunning as being punched in the nose, minus the pain. Adding a pepper spray function would be perfect, not only because it will stop what the light doesn't, but also beacause the cone of light will provide a targeting area, making the spray more accurate. A 120+ lumen bulb will do this even in direct sunlight.
Alterother, Apr 01 2013

       Thanks. The targeting assistance for OC spray (especially in low- light scenarios) was the original inspiration for this idea. Then I got to thinking, if you're gonna add a light, ya might as well make it count. Tactical assault/rescue units typically carry some sort of eye-irritant spray (Mace, OC spray, etc.) and a tactical flashlight, in addition to their weapons, but if you have a knife or handgun in one hand, that only leaves you one free hand and a tough choice to make about what to do with it. If it's dark, you're already likely holding the light in your free hand anyway, meaning you have to waste time and possibly lose sight of your target if you have to drop one to draw the OC spray.
21 Quest, Apr 01 2013

       OCD Combat Light anyone?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 01 2013

       The only drawback would be that the light would make your target close their eyes momentarily, possibly reducing the impact of the spray.

       Not enough to make a big difference, probably. Never been sprayed, myself, but some sample exposure off of a q-tip was pretty impressive. Cried out of one eye for thirty minutes in the shower...
normzone, Apr 01 2013

       Well my thinking is, even if closing their eyes *does* keep it out, it ensures that they will *keep* their eyes shut lest they face the wrath of the oleoresin capsicum dripping in off their eyelids. I have experienced just a very thin mist of backspray and I can assure you, that shit is nasty. Out of curiosity, did you daub it in with the Q-Tip, or just hold it close?
21 Quest, Apr 01 2013

       I was standing next to somebody who was sprayed at a rock concert turned riot. I saw it coming, turned away and shut my eyes, covered my head, etc. It made no difference. I got lightly misted with overspray and spent the next hour in a fair degree of pain. The poor idiot who started the whole thing lay on the ground and sobbed until he was arrested and (literally) dragged away.

       It wasn't the most painful thing I've ever experienced but it was the kind of pain that cannot be suppressed or ignored (which I have become rather good at, unfortunately).
Alterother, Apr 01 2013

       This was pre-pepper spray, about 1980, which probably makes it some form of CS or something. My source took training and had to suffer some exposure as part of that.

       He supplied me with a then difficult-to-obtain container, and as for training contented himself with spraying it on a q-tip and rubbing it on my cheek under my eye. Damn, even that amount of exposure was impressive.
normzone, Apr 01 2013

       Yep... that'll do it.
21 Quest, Apr 01 2013

       I can see the OCD Combat Light being prone to sabotage, as the fifth columnist switches them around until they are not in colour or numerical order. Battles have been lost that way.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2013

       [+] excellent.
xandram, Apr 02 2013

       Why combat in Orange County should be any lighter than any other county is beyond me...
RayfordSteele, Apr 02 2013

       So that would lead to OCOCOCD?

       Unless of course you bought by mail order, when it would be COD OCOCOCD.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 03 2013

       If you ordered it by mail and used it on a bus, it would be an HOV COD OCOCOCD PPD (personal protective device, that is).
21 Quest, Apr 03 2013


       Wouldn't that be a PSV COD OCOCOCD PPD? And a long conversation with the Police, as that stuff is not allowed.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 03 2013


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