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Lighter than air banknotes

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Being, banknotes with a layer of aerogel between each side, the aerogel is filled up with hydrogen or helium or whatever.

By adding on a small propeller and a GPS sensor, the banknotes can be made to deliver themselves to a creditor.

No inflation jokes please.

not_morrison_rm, Mar 27 2017


       As an inflation fetishist, I feel affronted at your ban on inflation jokes. It's important for me to maintain a sense of humour and be able to laugh at myself.
nineteenthly, Mar 28 2017

       This would give a whole new meaning to 'putting on airs'.
wjt, Mar 28 2017

       It's ok.   

       I'm pretty sure that glass ceiling will catch any of them that get away.   

       "whatcha building there Clem ?"   

       "Fred, ahs makin a bank note trap out all that chickin wire we had."   

       "The fella says he gonna send some bills floating around thru da sky, an ah aim to catch a few."
popbottle, Mar 28 2017

       Over time, the layer of banknotes in the stratosphere, if sufficiently reflective, would help prevent global warming. The downside would be that taking banknotes out of circulation in this way might act as an inflationary pressure.
hippo, Mar 29 2017

       Hmm, as they lighter than air, one downside, one upside.   

       Hiding the banknotes under the mattress would mean waking up with your nose pressed against the ceiling.   

       On the other hand, anyone with their pockets full of the banknotes will never drown.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 29 2017

       Money as an actual gravitational inversion. The rich would never be seen again. Nice.
wjt, Mar 30 2017

       I get the feeling that some people - who shall remain nameless - aren't this idea seriously.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 30 2017

       Banknote drones. Not sure if that deserves a bun or a bone.   

       BTW, can anyone explain how to change my user name to *nameless*?
Canuck, Mar 31 2017

       ^ Hippo kind of beat me to it, I forgot about adverse prevailing winds.   

       It might be possible to inject the banknotes into the jetstream, but it might need very patient creditors.   

       Might need a new theory of currency circulation.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 31 2017


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