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MAD Fold-in Bank Note

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Take the MAD magazine long-time back-cover gag and apply it to bank notes. Fold the note on the dotted lines to reveal the shocking half-human/half-monument form of the true and rightful ruler of Bangland. Or worse, fold your Canadian $50 bill to find out that it's really worth "nada".
the porpoise, Oct 24 2013

MAD magazine fold-ins http://www.nytimes....N_FEATURE.html?_r=0
Link for those with sheltered childhoods [the porpoise, Oct 24 2013]


       wow, you invented that ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 24 2013

       The fold-in? Hell no, it was invented by Al Jaffee before I was born. I'm saying apply the tech to bank notes.
the porpoise, Oct 24 2013

       oh, you mean design them like that on purpose. Unfair, I had my mfd-horse all saddled up and ready to ride.
FlyingToaster, Oct 24 2013

       funny +
rcarty, Oct 24 2013

       //Baked on US bills.//   

       Similar, but more like conspiracy theorist origami.
the porpoise, Oct 24 2013

       As previously stated: Mad fold-in ideas = autobun.
doctorremulac3, Oct 24 2013

       Baked. People in the south of England are familiar with folds which produce a happy/sad Queen, or the Queen's arse.   

       (People in the North can enjoy a similar amusement by cutting and folding 10p coins.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 24 2013


       <German synthesizer music> The fun fun fun of the autobun. <\Gsm>
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 24 2013


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