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Mattress net

Mosquito control one bed at a time
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The conventional mosquito bed net hangs from the ceiling down in a tent over the bed. That is good, but you need to have something anchored in the ceiling to hold it. If you are outside it or in some nonrobust structure it will not work.

The mattress net has long plastic tongues which slip under the mattress or the sleeper. The tongues click together. To the sides of the mattress / sleeper are upright posts - plastic tubes. The posts extend up a meter. 4 posts produce a frame which supports the net. Such a net is smaller than a bed net and requires no ceiling anchor.

bungston, Jan 03 2016

What [8th] said https://jet.com/pro...b7a9d4cf406360c2519
Sort of. [Vernon, Jan 03 2016]

What's wrong with this kind? http://fiestatoysto...ous-play-tunnel.jpg
[pashute, Jan 07 2016]


       There is something similar to this that uses springy sectional fibreglass poles to form two hemisphercal arches at right angles, the tips of the poles being held by straps under tension in an X form.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2016

       That sounds good. Better, perhaps.
bungston, Jan 03 2016

       I googled "mosquito tent for bed" and was amazed at at the available selection
scad mientist, Jan 08 2016


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