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Limited Preview

If movie studios can do it...
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There are times when I have these ideas, but I'm either not really sure exactly how I want to word them, or I *do* know how I want to word them, but it only makes sense to me and my imaginary friends.

So when I put them out there, there's this disconnect between my sheer brilliance and the teeming masses - meaning the teeming masses don't like my idea (Come on! Cabbies executing people! It's GOLD!)

So why not create a new category for the HB - ideas are submitted to their regular categories, but appear for a limited time (up to 10 days, say) in a separate box on the main page labeled, appropriately enough, "Preview."

Then a randomly-selected group of users (assigned by alphabetical groupings) are the only ones who can see your idea. They can then offer feedback/annos/votes, allowing refinement. When the preview period is up, the idea appears in its normal category for the whole world to see and judge. Only one date would be listed, the public release, so that there's no confusion as to when this actually became public knowledge.

Preview votes would be expunged, but preview annos would remain, along with a small tag next to each one marking it as such.

This wouldn't be mandatory. Obviously, MY ideas don't need this (How could anyone NOT like my "Color-coded shaming discipline system?" Seriously...), but it might come in helpful for other users.

shapu, Jan 12 2005


       Friends who are trusted/bribed/programmed not to laugh?
No substitute for thinking about the vitriol all by yourself. You have no problems in my book [shapu].
gnomethang, Jan 12 2005

       I'm not saying we should find unwavering support, or that the annos have to be positive, just that there should be an opportunity to get constructive criticism on ideas that may not be clear to everyone else.
shapu, Jan 13 2005


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