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idea: special

A section for special halfbakery categories
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The Halfbakery: non-lame tagline (recently deleted) was different from other postings on the halfbakery, and even ideas in the halfbakery category, because rather than an idea or suggestion, it was a request from Jutta. It seemed that the usual idea layout didn't work well for this for several reasons. There wasn't a standard way in which the suggestions were listed (some people posted taglines one per annotation, some posted ideas in blocks as they came up with them, and some of us had one or a few annotations which we edited and added to.) It was difficult to vote on individual suggestions. Overall I think it wasn't a good layout for the other bakers and difficult for jutta to see all of the ideas. I propose that a section be added under the idea: or meta: section where jutta can post request under a layout similar to the halfbakery idea postings, but also customized to fit its purpose.

In the case of the taglines, I'd suggest either having each member's username with their taglines int an indented column below, or a setup similar to the main index, with usernames in place of the category headings and taglines in place of idea names. Each suggestion would be followed by the vote indicators (votes for and against, followed by the croissants/stinky fish) and the links which allow members to vote for and against them. As for adding new tagline suggestions, jutta could reuse the idea input screen by removing the Category, Description, and either the idea or summary section and use the remaining block to input the suggestion.

Flamer disclaimer: I have no idea (nor to I pretend to) how difficult this would be for jutta to implement. I do think, if it could be done with relative ease, it would be good for both jutta and all the other halfbakers if anything else like the taglines comes up.

nick_n_uit, Mar 18 2001


       In the annotation thread, I didn't want you to vote on suggestions; I just wanted suggestions for me to pick from. The layout worked just fine for me, and I did see all the ideas, and I didn't mind scrolling past the old ideas and occasionally revisiting them.   

       The halfbakery is deliberately a very, very simple structure, not a testing ground for new project management and decision making interfaces. I hardly react to obvious crippling deficiencies, let alone do things "in case something might come up."   

       But that doesn't mean this isn't an interesting area, and I've thought about this independently, too. (If you read the "real-time forest voting" idea, you might guess that.)   

       Consider reposting a generic suggestion for a decision support system in Computer: whatnot as something you might want to see in general, not as specific to the halfbakery.
jutta, Mar 18 2001

       Yes, Peter... like this whole "clicking" thing... why should we have to click on links? That's *so* year 2000... the Halfbakery should intuitively know what a user will want to do next and automatacally redirect to the appropriate page at the appropriate moment. Please get on the ball with that, Jutta. I'm getting RSI over here...
PotatoStew, Mar 19 2001

       Somehow I stumbled into this relic. But then later I was thinking about /hardly react to obvious crippling deficiencies/. That would be a good tagline.
bungston, Dec 10 2016

       When this idea came up on my screen the tagline was " Loading tagline ... "
normzone, Dec 10 2016

       That's sad that non-lame taglines is gone.
I was just going to track it down to post;

       I've got a notion purl.
I see anno pen world.


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