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Linked Kitchen Appliance Personalities

The well baked concept of talking appliances taken to a new level.
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They're all programmed to act like loving minions when you walk into the kitchen offering their services even fighting among each other for your attention.

(all appliances cheering as you walk into the room)

"Yay! He's here! Let's make breakfast!"

(toaster) "Ohh ohh pick me! Can't start the day without making some delicious toast!"

(coffee maker) "Oh please, how you gonna start the day without a cup of coffee, we all know he's gonna pick me first!"

(stove with a low voice sounding kind of dumb but lovable) "I think it's not breakfast without scrambled eggs, but we should let him decide."

(microwave) "Oh please, in the time it takes me to nuke a frozen burrito you're just warming up. If you've got things to do, places to be it's me stove, so shut the hell up."

(User pops a packet into the coffee maker which yells "Hurray!", rest of the appliances say "Awwwww!")

You could adjust the personalities, rate of conflict, etc. You could even have them programmed to do positive affirmations like "Strong cup o' coffee today eh? Sounds like a power day in the making!"

Addendum: They could also be told to walk you through recipes. Each appliance walking you through how they're used for whatever it is you're making. So you'd say "Hey guys, I'm making coq au vin."

(sink) "Okay, fill a pan with about an inch of water."

(stove, seeing that the correct amount of water has been dispensed from the faucet)) "Now put it on my front burner and turn it on low and add the mushrooms to simmer."

Each appliance would in turn tell you how to proceed.

doctorremulac3, Dec 02 2021


       “Oh,” said Arthur, “sounds ghastly.”
a1, Dec 02 2021


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