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Laser Instant Coffee Maker

Dump coffee grounds into water, vaporize under water with laser
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The get maximum flavor out of coffee requires the beans to be powdered, thereby increasing the contact area and reducing the distance the flavor compounds have to diffuse. If you put the grounds under water and vaporized them, all the flavor compounds should be released from the grounds and captured in the brew. You won’t need to grind the beans so small and can probably use a smaller amount. There also won’t be the mess of soggy grounds to filter through your front teeth.

More power, bhaaa haaaa haaaa, Coffee and water are put into a Pyrex cup, the cup is placed onto a mirror in an enclosed chamber, wouldn’t want to blind the customer. A low power laser scans the fluid till it impinges on a coffee particle, a sensor registers the reduction in reflection and triggers a high power pulse laser to vaporize the particle. When the scanner can’t register anymore reflection reductions the high power laser is defocused and warms up the brew. The door unlocks with a ding. Total time to brew 15 seconds.

cjacks, Oct 11 2006


       And what happens if you use instant coffee powder?
Dub, Oct 13 2006

       How does a laser cause shattering without burning?
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 14 2006

       I put instant coffee in the microwave once and I went back in time.
mecotterill, Apr 29 2008

       Depending on your laser source and wavelength you will surely also melt your Pyrex cup. <Johnny Depp Willy Wonka voice> "Now that wouldnt taste very good, would it?"   

       sorry man [-]
gomer, Jul 31 2008


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