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Instruction Granules

Grind manuals and pour water on them.
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To save on paper, print instruction manuals for complicated electrical appliances on super strong coffee paper. That way you can brew up a nice pot of coffee whilst you figure out how the damn thing works.
theleopard, Sep 07 2007

Coffee paper http://www.costaric...ket.com/natura.html
Needs to be stronger at just 5% coffee bean content but it's a start. [theleopard, Sep 07 2007]

Instruction Manuals http://images.googl...-8&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi
Apparently there's one for cats. We could print them in catnip... [theleopard, Sep 07 2007]

Mesquite Mesquite_20Gunpowder
grind : pour [k_sra, Sep 07 2007]


       huh? not read my manuals? shirley you jest!
dentworth, Sep 07 2007

       I don't read manuals. I mean, where's the fun in that?   

       Further on't, you can still read the manuals - if you were so inclined.
theleopard, Sep 07 2007

       I keep all my manuals. Sometimes for longer than I have the item itself.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 07 2007

       heh, I like this. I hate manuals. +
xandram, Sep 07 2007

       Although the evidence sits gravely against me [k_sra] I didnae know about the recent flood of grind : pour ideas. Seeing it at the 'add' page just seemed to fit.   

       [xandram], everyone does.
Apart from [G_C].
And [Dentworth], of course.

       And somebody else...
theleopard, Sep 07 2007

       Let me just even that back up fer ya. (+)   

       Secret UberGeek Tip: Read the manuals. People will think you have super powers when you show them how to perform amazing tasks on their equipment.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 07 2007

       i do not blame you for the spate of grind : pours, [theleopard], i was merely creating a little merry-go-round for myself that i could swing about on from idea to idea, all in the grind : pour family. try it. it's fun! : )   

       i don't drink coffee and i do keep manuals (although i never read them). also, i don't like anyone's hands touching my beverages before i drink it. although i'm sure this would be delicious with a milky bun, i must proffer the fish. (-)
k_sra, Sep 07 2007

       Hey, I just Got your name, k_sra_sra, !
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 07 2007

       it's a punch in the gut when you finally get it, huh? ; )
k_sra, Sep 07 2007

       (-) meh, one-joke post. Maybe if you printed the manuals on filter paper, you could at least somehow use it to brew something.
jutta, Sep 08 2007

       so true [jutta], but I think our basic hatred for manuals let us overlook that part. If the words were spelled out in grains of coffee, that could help, too.
xandram, Sep 08 2007

       My employer recently purchased some complex new technology. The supplier offered a brief introductory training course, and from there out expects you to call the tech support guy whenever you have a question.   

       I asked them for the full documentation referenced in the abbreviated training manual.   

       "Oh, we haven't updated that in five years". " Just click on Help".   

       I'm never buying anything major again without reviewing the status of the documentation beforehand. Bastards. I think I need a cup of coffee.
normzone, Sep 08 2007

       That is exactly, exactly, my point.
theleopard, Sep 09 2007


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