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Lint eraser

An iron with a lint roller in the front..
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I love cats. And most other animals. But cats leave lint all over my clothes. The idea is to combine an iron with a lint roller. The roller could be attached to 2 arms that extend a few inches in front of the iron... far enough so that the cleaning is followed by the ironing without the risk of the paper burning. The arms have a spring and constantly push the roller down; this way as the layers are removed there is still enough pressure on the roller to effectively remove all lint. Changing/replacement is pretty much the same... when the roll is over just slide it over and place a new one.

PS: I am not too sure if dog owners have the same lint problem.

nomadic_wonderer, Oct 25 2004

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       I see a good idea.perhaps changing the roll with a hot iron right next to it could be a problem.   

       and I think pedantically speaking 'hair', or more correct than 'lint'.
dentworth, Oct 26 2004

       (Now echoing dentworth) I think you have a problem with the terminology. Cats leave hair, not lint. And they track disgusting crumbs of bentonite from the litter box, leaving it everywhere, on your sofa, in your bed, so you’re sleeping in filth! Better to have a "giant cat eraser." (Just for the idea, you understand, because I actually like cats.)
ldischler, Oct 26 2004

       jeez [disch], if your cats are tracking litter you probably need to put *more* in for a cleaner finish.   

       Cat eraser indeed! you are looking for a fight.
dentworth, Oct 26 2004

       I think the valeting iron above is much more sensible :)
po, Oct 26 2004


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