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Perfume Iron

Never wash your clothes again!
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You know the situation...you have two minutes to leave the house and the shirt you wore yesterday and the day before is all sweaty and in a crumble on your bedroom floor....

With the new "Perfume Iron" this won't be a problem...

This iron will iron like a normal iron but will also spray perfumed steam into your shirt leaving you with a fresh new shirt for work. The perfumed steam will also be great for smelly socks and underpants!

teddy, Aug 23 2000

Eau de Linge http://www.frenchso...ers/DOUX_order2.htm
There are mild perfumes meant to be poured into your iron... [hello_c, Aug 23 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Laundry smell http://www.smellthi...nal_fragrances.html
...and perfumes for other purposes meant to smell like laundry. [hello_c, Aug 23 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Double trouser press http://www.arrow-sales.com/about_p1.html
Press two pairs of trousers in an appliance that doesn't look like an appliance. [hello_c, Aug 23 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Anything involving actual ironing requires too much flat surface and dexterity. Can we get something more like a french press? (Yes, the coffee kind, not Le Monde.)
jutta, Aug 23 2000, last modified Sep 06 2000

       Your standard iron can be retrofitted for the purpose, assuming it's standard enough to have a place to pour water in.   

       (Cautiously) A french press of the kind that one makes coffee in? Perhaps, if your clothes smelled good enough, like really good coffee, no-one would pay attention to the wrinkles.   

       The trouser-press makers might add a scent, um, gland; their ad copy has a kind of halfbaked enthusiasm already.
hello_c, Sep 06 2000

       I am impressed by the comments! The FrenchSoaps.com idea is more or less the answer to the "perfume iron" idea. We just need stronger fragrances to kill off the more pungent smells!   

       I wonder if the big fragrance houses (Calvin Klein etc) would consider expanding their range of perfumes to include "iron sprays"
teddy, Sep 22 2000

       With all due respect to all parties I was eavesdropping on, I am going to submit a halfbaked French Press. Just burning some incense around the offending clothes works, I stink from experience.
I submitted a halfbaked French Press which was designed to pour water on Criminals and/or French people as a means of punishment. PeterSealy correctly pointed out that something like this had already been baked. In Vietnam. During the war. I respectfully removed it. Like I said, I stink from experience.
thumbwax, Sep 22 2000, last modified Sep 24 2000

       //Never wash your clothes again!//

What do you mean, 'again'?
DrBob, Sep 29 2001

       I question the wisdom of putting anything that contains oils into your iron. They eventually cause the iron to malfunction.
bristolz, Sep 30 2001


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