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Lip Shield

for your own protection. or theirs...
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i apologize in advance if this is baked, i lurked and peeked and found nothing like it...

so, sometimes you find yourself kissing someone you didn't really want to kiss. like great aunt maude, with the hairy cheek. or your friend's super-friendly dog. or someone you met at a bar and had the bad/intoxicated judgement to kiss. or, if you are really thirsty but are squeamish about sharing a glass with a stranger. anyway, these lip covers would protect your lips from grossness. they could come in different forms - i was thinking that for the ladies they could be in the form of a lipstick or gloss which forms a protective film on your lips to be peeled off when no longer needed. for the men or for the female "natural" look, it would have to be a semi-matte film that doesn't show, unless you want to look like boy george.

if you're really cheap and somewhat warped, you could also use these to walk around in a bar and drink out of unsuspecting people's drinks. get drunk for free, without the worry of germs!

i really don't drink a lot, but for some reason drinking and drunkenness seem to come up a lot in my posts. hmmm...

miss fern, Jul 09 2002

Evenning lips http://www.creativa.it/mostra/zinglese/
Scroll down to "Health and Beauty" [Matty, Jul 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       i considered backwash, believe you me, but what about the other uses? besides, alcohol kills a lot of stuff in the drink, but maybe not on the rim of the glass.
miss fern, Jul 09 2002

       This is why I always carry a flask of whiskey, to be used as an antiseptic whenever I might have contanimated my mouth...*hic*...
Guncrazy, Jul 09 2002

       Well, for those times you need to perform CPR, you can purchase a mini-mouth-mask thingy. I figure you might adapt that to kissing, with perhaps unpleasant results.
polartomato, Jul 09 2002

       <Shudder>Unless - as I have - you've seen your Pop pull an old, drunk, one-fanged woman with burnt vomit on her blouse out of a fire, remove his handkerchief from pocket to encircle lips best he could to keep the taste of the depths of hell off his lips - you'll never know how much those mini-mouth-mask-thingies mean</Shudder>

thumbwax, Jul 09 2002

       I'm adding a link to Evenning lips (sic) from the Multimedia fair of inventions - not exactly the same, but the technology could be used here. The point is, I think, to make the lip covers look natural, so you don't offend others by not kissing them.
Matty, Jul 09 2002

       It wouldn't work for dogs. Dogs use their tongues. Awwwwww, it is the most disgusting way in the world to be woken from a light doze. Doggie jumps up on your chest and tries to french-kiss you............... eeeuuuurgh. Horrible. One of those disposable facemask things is the best protection. I carry one of those little mouthpiece things in my first aid pack on my utility belt.
8th of 7, Jul 09 2002

       So, in other words, lip condoms, right?
whlanteigne, Jan 13 2013

       Robin used a pair of lip protectors in one of those bad batman movies.
DIYMatt, Jan 13 2013


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