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Lipstick stamp.

Puts a lipstick mark on items located in communal areas to keep others from poaching.
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Got a favorite mug at work? People using your cream in their coffee? Half finished bottles of soda disappear?

Keep people from taking your stuff by making it look like it is contaminated.

Just stamp the rim of the mug or the lip of the jar or bottle with a big red lipstick mark, and no one will borrow it again.

This is simply a self "inking" rubber stamp in the shape of pursed lips. Any common lipstick is applied to the pad area and will be applied to the stamped object.

Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 09 2007

+ http://www.canstock...thumbs2/0131069.jpg
[xandram, Aug 10 2007]


       clever. saves me from having to wear bright red lipstick to work every day. added plus.
k_sra, Aug 09 2007

       It can certainly be personalized. You use your own lipstick to load the stamp. Picking a truly wild color that no one in your office would wear adds an extra level of protection.   

       Just go down to CVS/Boots and pick out something called "Babboon Butt Red" or "Chapped Thighs Pink"   

       Remember that you don't ever have to actually wear this lipstick, it is just used for territorial markings.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 09 2007

       but you do have to actually *buy* and *use* lipstick for this? you obviously don't know how sloppy it would be priming a stamp with lipstick...
k_sra, Aug 09 2007

       You don't prime the stamp itself, you prime the pad opposite it so that the stamp picks up the color from there.   

       And remember that this is a situation where neatness does not count, a nice smeared lip print on your bottle of lowfat is going to be at least as effective as a pristine one, if not more so.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 09 2007

       you can't prime ANYTHING with a tube of lipstick is all i'm saying.   

       lip gloss, maybe...
k_sra, Aug 09 2007

       I got no problem using a lipstick-stained bottle if the milk still smells OK. You'll have to try harder to stop me from using your stuff, dude.
globaltourniquet, Aug 09 2007

       Milk is for children, coffee, and breakfast cereal.   

       Lipstick, on the other hand, is for men - indirectly.
normzone, Aug 09 2007

       what you saying?   

       <applies lippy in rear view mirror>
po, Aug 09 2007

       I like my lipstick second-hand, applied directly from the wearer.
normzone, Aug 09 2007

       hmmmmm. <o>   

       consider your elf stamped! 1st class at that.
po, Aug 09 2007

       Note to G_C: add soured-milk scent to lipstick stamp pad.
Canuck, Aug 09 2007

       Damn, that was good.
normzone, Aug 09 2007

       Somewhere in every office is a lonely pervert who'd steal anything with lipstick on it, take it home and treasure it forever. <Looks around, realizes who only person in office is.>
baconbrain, Aug 10 2007

       In my student days I had a friend who would add just a tinge, just a tinge of green food dye to his milk in the communal kitchen. Worked very well as a deterrent.
squeak, Aug 10 2007

       [Brau] How about a big old greasy hand print?
xandram, Aug 10 2007

       //[Brau] How about a big old greasy hand print?//   

       what else is new. for garage workers, you need to bring in the flowery one that says, "Daddy's Special Treasure" or something with a hello kitty on it.
k_sra, Aug 10 2007

       //[Brau] How about a big old greasy hand print?//
duh, I guess I need a_ sacasm _indicator.
xandram, Aug 10 2007

       Oh, I get it now! duh
xandram, Aug 11 2007


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