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Living trophy

Keep deer and look at them
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This trophy mount would be designed to open and close around the neck of a deer, such that the deer could choose to stand with its head in it. A pet deer living behind the wall would be trained to stand in it (drugs would work) for long periods of time.
Voice, Apr 14 2022


       I was thinking more of those sports trophies which are in the form of a gilded figure of a person
pocmloc, Apr 14 2022

       They must drool as well. +
xenzag, Apr 14 2022

       // gilded figure of a person //   

       Wouldn't it be difficult to get the person to stand still for the gilding?   

       Oh wait, the drugs.
whatrock, Apr 14 2022

       Do this with a bunch of different animals! Like one of those world traveling trophy hunter dens. Just have feeding time where you've got twenty different animals sticking their head through the wall.   

       This could be a thing at the zoo. Have each animal have a writeup of what they are under their heads.
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022

       So you go from "could choose to stand in it" to "drugged to stand in it"?
21 Quest, Apr 14 2022

       Drugged to choose to stand to. Now you say "animal cruelty" and I give you a raspberry.
Voice, Apr 15 2022

       I WAS going to say that. You know me so well lol
21 Quest, Apr 15 2022

       As long as the deer is happy I don't see any ethical problem. Are we now concerned for lesser animals right to self-determination? If so there are a lot of dogs, cats, and horses to free.
Voice, Apr 15 2022

       How happy can it be, standing solitary with its head in a hole all day? I'm not aware of anyone who subjects a cat or dog to such treatment.
21 Quest, Apr 15 2022

       I'm not suggesting it be held there with physical force. But if it would rather do that for, say, a hit of heroin or some booze who am I to judge?
Voice, Apr 15 2022


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