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Live Tiger "Petting" Zoo

Separate them from the visitors with glass enclosures.
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For instance, the stuffed animal display (link) is re-created with a live animal by having it come up through stairs in a closely fitting bubble generally shaped like that animal. It's lured into that position by food.

Your child could be standing one foot away from a tiger as it eats. Might even put real tiger fur on one portion of the glass so they could "pet" it.

Ripped off from Voice's Living trophy idea.

doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022

Blatantly ripped off from this. Living_20trophy
[doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022]

This enclosed in glass you could stand very close to. https://www.flickr....822@N03/4353490151/
With patches of real tiger fur you could pet as the animal eats safely contained in the close fitting glass bubble. [doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022]

Better example, this only with a tiger shaped close fitting glass bubble. https://en.wikipedi..._glass_case_(1).JPG
[doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022]

Why bother with the glass. https://www.youtube...watch?v=cKwKysk5rEw
the right animal won't eat that many kids, not if you keep it well fed ;) [Skewed, Apr 14 2022]


       sp. "zoo"
pocmloc, Apr 14 2022

       Hmm, okay. Changed to "Museum Style "Pettng" Zoo".   

       Title is a bit of a train wreck.
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022

       Do you think the title is better or worse than the idea?
pocmloc, Apr 14 2022

       Like the idea of seeing a tiger up close, being able to walk around it, sort of pet it, get the idea anyway without getting eaten.   

       I'll tweak the name a bit.
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022

       //Seperate them from the visitors with glass/   

       Honestly, with the right hand reared animal those precautions just aren't necessary, most of the time.   

       *Spelling Separate, by the way.
Skewed, Apr 14 2022

       Oops, thx.
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2022

       This existed in Thailand and probably still does. Soporific (probably with drugs), full-grown lions would let people sit next to them to pet them. Years later, authorities found stacks of dead lion cubs.
4and20, Apr 15 2022


       In my travels I came across a gas station that featured tigers once. "Tiger Truckstop" I think it was called.
doctorremulac3, Apr 15 2022

       Hmm, how to save a bunless idea.   

       It's got an ice-cream dispenser on the tail end so you can laugh at the tiger "dispensing" treats?   

       If that doesn't do it nothing will.   

       "Hello, Halfbakery idea funeral home? I'm sad to report the passing of a beloved idea. Well... loved my me anyway, everybody else hates it. Yes, the Tiger in a tube idea, you've heard of it? Stupid? No, you get to pretend you're petting the tig... yes.. okay, anyway it's dead. Can you please help me dispose of it? The delete button? Okay, thank you."
doctorremulac3, Apr 16 2022

       Explain the stairs
pocmloc, Apr 16 2022

       Of course.   

       The tube is very tiger-form fitting and the tiger enters from below, eats, then backs out via stairs or a ramp behind the hind legs section.   

       I'd say it wouldn't even be a tube, it would be a tiger shaped, maybe 10% larger to give the animal room to maneuver but giving the appearance of there being a tiger in the room that just had a force field around it or something.   

       (holds out empty bun bowl like Oliver Twist)
doctorremulac3, Apr 16 2022

       Honestly, I think the tigers should be underneath the stairs, as you descend them covered in meat.
4and20, Apr 16 2022

       //The delete button? //   

       Listen, [dr3]; the 'bakery is a bit quiet at the moment, so nothing is going to be picking up a lot of buns in the short term. But leave these ideas up, and people may come back to them later.   

       Meanwhile, if you need immediate validation, take a dog for a walk. :-)
pertinax, Apr 16 2022

       Lol! Will do.
doctorremulac3, Apr 16 2022

       //the tigers should be underneath the stairs, as you descend them covered in meat//   

       Oddly enough, I tried pitching that to Lady Gaga for a stage show once, unaccountably, she didn't care for the idea, she did keep the meat suit though.
Skewed, Apr 17 2022

       Did you try Potassium chloride, although, admittedly, that is a salt
4and20, Apr 17 2022

       //I tried pitching that to Lady Gaga for a stage show once//   

       Speaking of pitching ideas to Lady Gaga, time for more quasi interesting far fetched made up tales. Third hand story this time. My buddy is a very talented recording artist and producer. His buddy played keyboards or sound engineering or something (samples and such) on one of Lady Gaga's tours. According to him, she was obsessively listening to his album the whole tour. I would believe it because it's a friggin' masterpiece of actual instruments and sampled/sequenced tracks. You get the tightness of techno without it being, well, techno which you need heavy medication to listen to without a headache. (Molly?)   

       ("But doc, where do YOU fit in to this amazingly mind blowingly interesting story that's the highlight of my entire life?") Getting there. I performed on two of those songs, one as the featured soloist and there you have the sad made up lie of the day, Lady Gaga at one point enjoyed listening to me performing. She was MY audience. Theoretically I could describe the featured solo, (song, what I did, which was pretty original if I do say so myself) say, "I'm that guy." and she's say "Oh, okay. I'm familiar with your work." Now she might follow up with "You really ruined an otherwise good album." but if it's true that she was listening to the album throughout the whole tour she would probably remember my featured vocal solo.   

       Anyway, I begged my buddy to use that opportunity to offer to produce her next album, there's no way he wouldn't have at least gotten a tryout. He said no, he wasn't a fan. I said he could take her in the direction of better music and he just wasn't interested.   

       Musicians, they're either turning down big bucks gigs are making up wild stories on online forums.   

       Can somebody else please make up some interesting stories here? Me telling these old yarns from my youth, true or not, is just sad. And they will get less interesting as I go down the line.   

       Tell you what, for a bun I'll stop making up stupid stories about two or three degrees of separation interactions with famous people. (rattles bun beggar's cup)   

       But one last one. I shook Ronald Reagan's hand when he was governor, I was like ten or something. We were visiting the capital on a field trip, everybody started getting all excited because the governor was coming down the hallway with his staff, I horrified the teacher by running out in front of him, stopping and holding my hand out for a handshake. He laughed, bent over and shook my hand and asked if I was enjoying the tour or something. I said "Yes sir."   

       Pretty sure Ronald never forgot that moment and told people about it the rest of his life.
doctorremulac3, Apr 17 2022


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