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Lo-tech 3D Mirror Glasses

Stereoscopic vision as if your eyes are feet apart
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This idea comes from the way they used to film 3D movies, with two cameras spaced far apart from eachother so that the two shots could later be resolved by movie watchers watching through different-color-lense 3D glasses.

These glasses would consist of 4 mirrors, two placed right infront of the eyes at a 45 degree angle to the line of sight - - like a wedge with the edge pointing toward the nose, and two mirrors placed about a foot out on either side of the head, again at a 45 degree angle but this time facing the other direction, forwards, so that light from in front of the viewer would be reflected by the wide set mirrors, then hit the wedge shaped mirrors and be reflected into the eyes of the glasses wearer. The effect would be that the glasses wearer would see the world as if his or her eyes were set 2 feet apart. Resolving these two images would give the world an exagerated 3D feeling I imagine.

By the way it's much easier to explain this idea by saying "You could have 3D glasses with mirrors here (put your hands in a wedge shape infront of your nose) and here (move your hands to the right and left one foot each)".

Does anyone know of a picture blog that will take my Macintosh's gif(QT) and jpeg2000(QT) file formats?

JesusHChrist, Sep 10 2005


       And what is the use of this?   

       Artillery and anti-aircraft-gun spotters used to use a widget like this to judge range. So it's been done.   

       Perhaps it hasn't been done as wearable glasses. As standard glasses wearer, I'd say this idea is a good way to get your head banged-up pretty often.
baconbrain, Sep 10 2005

       It makes me feel pukey and walleyed just thinking about it. Might be fun though.
mailtosalonga, Sep 10 2005

       //And what is the use of this?\\ Who cares? +
zeno, Sep 10 2005

       Essentially two horizontal periscopes, one for each eye. I'd be interested to try one of these.
david_scothern, Sep 10 2005

       I did experiments with exaggerated 3d and - it was successful. It makes the world look smaller and "like a model". Conversely, smaller makes you feel smaller (and the world larger). I'm sure this principal is applied where-ever control over stereoscopic vison is possible.   

       Bizarrely, i have the same obsolete macintosh file format dilema as you.... did... 5 years ago...
nicholaswhitworth, Apr 11 2010


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